Replicate Overwatch heroes!


Hero reference kits have been published on the official website of the first Blizzard's shooter — Overwatch. The reference kits provide detailed instructions on how to replicate all the heroes of the game in image, video or cosplay. Great news for all the creative fans of the game!


All the instructions are in PDF format. They contain description of each hero as well as the details of his or her image. For example, the reference guide of D.Va provides hex-codes of her skin, costume, accessories and hair, as well as the "multi-perspective" overview of her Mech and weapon. The details include stickers and patterns. 



There's no doubt, that these guides will facilitate the artists and cosplayers in creating outstanding masterpieces. Most likely we'll see lots of cosplayers at the next event dedicated to this game. Blizzard is prominent for its great interaction with the community.


As a reminder, the game will be released this spring.



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