Dota 6.86: Balance of Power


It is here. Valve finally released the highly anticipated 6.86 patch for Dota 2. The update introduces a new hero, changes the map, and comes with new items and many more features. Let us begin!


A splintered fragment of the same primordial power as the Ancients themselves, Zet the Arc Warden has pledged to see the clash between Radiant and Dire finally end, by reunification or annihilation, tells us the lore of Arc Warden, who becomes the newest addition to the numerous hero pool of Dota 2. Arc Warden might be familiar to the ones coming from Warcraft III DotA, but for those have not encountered him yet, fear no more!


Hero Focus on Arc Warden, courtesy of DotaCinema


Arc Warden skills


The second important change concerning the gameplay, and the first major one for the competitive scene is the map change. It is the first time since 6.82 that Valve decided to alter the map. A long list is given in the patch notes, listing all the changes that were made in order to ensure the balance of power. Most importantly, two new neutral camps were added, each near the Radiant and Dire Secret Shop. Many small modifications were made to camp spawn locations, spawn boxes, ramps, hiding spots and many more, the effect of them remains to be seen once the patch goes live.



A new rune is also added to the game. The Arcane Rune grants a 50 seconds long 30% spell cooldown reduction, as well as a 50% mana cost decrease to its user. It remains to be seen how much of an influence this new rune can have, but from its description, it might just become an instant hit.



Four new items will be released with 6.86. The Faerie Fire is a consumable that restores HP. Dragon Lance can buff a ranged hero’s attack range while it also offers some minor stat points. Iron Talon is an HP removal item that can be used to target non-player enemy units while Aether Lens provides spell damage, magic resistance, increased cast range as well as HP regeneration and mana.



Captains mode will welcome three heroes. Terrorblade Terrorblade is already a familiar face for the fans of the Captains Mode, however Earth Spirit Earth Spirit and Oracle will also join the pool. The former is considered to be the most broken hero in the game, so it will be interesting to see how the professionals will be dealing with him. Oracle, a strong support, has been in the game for a while now, so it comes as no surprise that the hero was finally given the green light to enter the competitive scene.



The 6.86 patch comes with a high number of hero and item changes. Five heroes received new skills, while the others got theirs powers rescaled. In order to see the changes and new features introduced, visit the official patch note release here.



Valve kept its promise and released the Zeus Arcana. The most demanded item from now on introduces a tempest-cloud chariot for Zeus. The Arcana bundle comes with special effects and sounds, custom portraits, hero icon and much more. A sneak peak of the newest Arcana can be seen below:



Talking about promises, the Desert Terrain was also included in the newest update. Together with a special Desert Music Pack, these features were among the stretch goals of The International 2015.



Considering the success of the Haunted Colosseum, Valve also added a desert map of this popular game. The Desert Colosseum becomes the newest installment of the growing collection of custom games.


It comes a nice addition that players will have the possibility to play the game in Ultra High Definition. It will double the previous resolution and will give a crisper and more vibrant look of both the shadows and units.


The client was also modified with the newest patch. Valve introduced new features to allow the user to access hero statistics both in the hero gallery and on their profile.



An easy access armory was set up to help the players access their newly-acquired items in a more comfortable way from any screen in the menu.


The Shop returns, with Valve adding it as a stand-alone tab of the top menu of Dota 2. Shopping was never as easy as it will be from now on.


Are you tired of not having a private chat? Valve has the solution. The new Private Chat Channels offer the privacy that you have been looking for.


Source: Valve

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