Recruit friends and get Vulture


The new patch of Heroes of the Storm has been released. Unfortunately, neither Lunara nor balance changes have been introduced. Instead, the developers added Recruit a friend feature. Additionally, the number of free-to-play heroes has been increased and Talent Gating has been removed, all hero talents being available from the very beginning now.


The main introduction of the patch is  Recruit a friend feature. Invite your friend to join you in Nexus. Both of you will gain bonuses, provided he or she accepts your invitation. Both Recruiters and Recruits will get bonuses. Recruits will get Raynor & 5 Day Stimpack by logging into HotS and Sylvanas & Recruit A Friend Portrait by reaching player level 10.



When your recruited friend achieves level 10, you will get Recruit A Friend Portrait. Furthermore, the most active and successful recruiters will get Vulture mount as soon as at least four of their Recruits reach level 10 in the game. To facilitate the Recruits in achieving new levels, a special 50% XP Bonus will be provided to all the dwellers of Nexus. The offer has come into force on 8 December, 19:00 (CET), and will last until 16 December, 19:00. Additionally, the quantity of free-to-play heroes has been increased. Now you'll be able to choose among 10 heroes. All their talents will be available from the very beginning.


See full list of changes on the official website of the game.

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