HotS: Update of 20 October


The new update of Heroes of the Storm was recently released. Nexus underwent a number of changes with a new hero introduced to the game - Artanis! You can learn more about this hero in a video. Of all the heroes only lt. Morales was changed: her initial HP was increased as well as its increase per level. Other changes of lt. Morales include: increase of regeneration speed and the decrease of the purchase in ingame shop from 15 000 to 10 000 gold.



The list of the fixed bugs is rather short:

  • Fixed an issue that caused the player’s camera to remain locked on Lt. Morales’ Medivac Dropship after exiting it with Camera Lock enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that caused abnormal Hero movement when a Dragon Knight or Garden Terror was killed or expired nearby.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Abathur’s Toxic Nests from dealing splash damage.
  • Nazeebo’s Corpse Spiders and Zombie Wall Abilities will now deal damage to Immortals on the Battlefield of Eternity battleground.
  • Maximum queue time has been increased from 360 to 600 seconds. Queue times have been improved for new players.


The full list is available here.

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