Update of 25 September


UPD: the update will be released on 28 September!


The new patch of Heroes of the Storm has brought a number of changes to the test version. A new hero (Lt. Morales) and new mounts have been introduced. The battlegrounds have been fixed and the balance of the heroes has been updated. The patch won't be released on the main server until October 5. Therefore, anyone can train before the game will be changed. Mostly the heroes, which has long been forgotten at the professional scene, were changed: Chen, Stitch and Diablo. The most popular heroes like Johanna and Leoric were weakened a bit, though avoided s substantial nerf of abilities.


The developers also fixed the battlegrounds. Infernal Shrines have undergone the most substantial changes, as many players had claimed that the it was very hard to comeback on this map. Now the task is easier: the Punishers have been weakened, it's harder now to bring them forth. The garden of Terror and Battlefield of Eternity will be now more dynamic. It will no longer be possible to activate 3 temples simultaneously at Sky Temple. 


The greatest part of the changes was the fix of the mistakes, e.g. the mistake with Tychus' and Rainor's ability icons. Johanna's words, when using Falling Sword, will be heard only by the allies. The quantity of the fixed problems related to Leoric's Undying trait impresses. 



Expectedly, among the heroes Chen and Stitch have been changed most significantly. The following heroes have been also improved: E.T.C., Diablo, Muradin, Rexxar, Tassadar and Tyrande. The legendary brewmaster has gained a number of abilities improvements and now looks intimidating. His traits have also been changed, which results in the increased flexibility of the hero's upgrade. As concerns Stitch, which had been one of the most popular tanks, the developers tried to return the popularity, while not making him no 1 pick. 


Developer Comments:

We wanted to buff Stitches and position him to be more powerful against Mages. His regeneration build has been nerfed, due to the removal of Regeneration Master, but instead he now has a high Health build which also increases Devour’s effectiveness. His core kit was improved at a basic level, which will help bring him back into competitive play. Finally, we wanted to clean up the rules associated with Gorge and the level 20 upgrade, so we cut the unnecessary components of those two Abilities..


Zeratul, Nazeebo, Johanna and Leoric have been weakened. Zeratul is more vulnerable to control effects, Wormhole requires more accuracy in use. Nazeebo will bring less damage in team battles, his ability Corpse Spiders was weakened, which will forced the players to find new builds. Johanna and Leoric's push potential has been decreased. Zakarum's crusader manages minions worse now due to the weakened talents Knight Takes Pawn. Skeletal swing of the Skeleton King brings less damage.


Read the full list of changes on the official website of the game

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