Update: Overwatch is watching you!


Today Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was updated: Overwatch system was released after having been beta-tested for some time. The main goal of the system is to fight against the cheating players by means of the players. For more information, read the article.


What is Overwatch?


Overwatch is any experienced player of the community, tracking the violations of rules by other players. Such player is called an investigator. The Overwatch will engage investigators basing on their personal stats in Competitive mode (quantity of victories, account age, hours played, Skill Group, low report count, etc). The potential investigators will have a special button "Overwatch" in their main menu, which means there's a case to be investigated. Investigators can join the investigation by watching the record of the game, consisting of 8 rounds (the total duration is about 10 minutes). Afterwards, investigators can make decision.


How does the system work?


The replays of suspicious games are provided to the investigators. If they spot the cheating activity by a suspect they vote for the punishment. For example, you are playing in competitive mode and out of blue you make -5, which is immediately reported as cheats by your rival team. Even in this case you won't be under the investigation of overwatch. Basically, you need to be reported 6-8 times per day, so that your game got monitored by Overwatch. So it is necessary for your teammates to report on you too. Next your replay is watched by investigator players (mostly with high rank). They get only a 10-minute replay (8 rounds approximately) instead of the whole record. 2 rounds before the report and 6 rounds afterwards. Next the investigators vote for cheating. If most of the investigators voted for cheaters, the game is sent to CS:GO main master of cheats, who makes final decision.


XP will be provided for watching replays and tracking cheaters. In order to become a ranked player, each player will have to achieve the third rank.


Full list of the patch's update




  • Overwatch finally relesed out of beta-testing.
  • XP will be provided for accurate Overwatch verdicts;
  • You'll get a notification if VAC or Overwatch bans the player, whom you reported;
  • If you lost the scores, rank or lost match due to a cheater, you'll be notified upon the annulation of the result;



  • Shot sound bug is fixed;
  • New sounds of walking up/down stairs were added;
  • The inactive players getting the sound of damage bug is fixed
  • When you новые звуки движения по лестнице;
  • Case open sound is played when you look at the weapon in loadout screen.
  • The falloff of weapon sound is adjusted to be more noticeable when closer



  • Leadership, Teaching, and Friendliness commendations are added to the scoreboard. The player with the greatest quantity of pluses in each category will get a respective icon;
  • Profile's ranking is shown now similar to that of Matchmaking: to you and your friend while playing, and to everyone when the match is over.



  • GOTV broadcasting and recording snapshot rate is doubled up to 32;
  • The self-commendations bug is fixed. All the respective pluses will be discarded;
  • Tickrates of the players at the official servers in now blocked equalling to the server's tickrate;
  • Updaterates can now be set greater that GOTV (tv_snapshotrate);
  • In order to play Matchmaking you need to reach 3rd rank of profile at least.
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