Vulnerability of payment system fixed

The desire to gain as many HS boosters as possible motivated some users "to break the law". Those players bought card packs and then canceled their payment, which enabled them to get boosters for free. Blizzard decided to enforce the law by fixing the payment system gap and punishing the misusers.
In order to purchase card packs cheaper, some players provided access to their accounts on Blizzard said that such actions shall be construed as the "breech of License Agreement, which can lead to equitable remedies, such as Account suspension or termination."
The misusers, who knew about payment system vulnerability, bought boosters via GooglePlay and PayPal, later they cancelled payment. As a result, the money was returned to the owner, but the boosters remained on the account of the cheater. The use of the gaps in the payment system can be considered as the abuse of the payment system, which resulted in Account suspensions until the respective boosters are paid. 
Blizzard determined the accounts of the players, who used payment system vulnerability. As per moment the "equitable remedies" are made in their respect. If you've bought packs not via official shops, don't be surprised to find your Account suspended. As a reminder under the License Agreement you undertake not to share your account with third parties. You can buy HearthStone ingame items only in the spots as follows: the shop on website of, in and in game client.
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