PGL Minor: NaVi.G2A invited to qualifiers


With eleven majors and an equal number of minors this year, the new competitive season is set to be jam packed with exciting Dota 2 action. The second minor will have its spotlight fixed on Bucharest, where PGL Open will take place. We are glad to announce that Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A have received the invite to the closed qualifier and will soon join the competition.


According to the tournament organizers, the closed qualifier for PGL Open Bucharest will commence on September 18th, bringing together six directly invited teams and two teams from open qualifiers. Alongside Born to Win, it will be attended by Russian Federation Double DimensionRussian Federation M19Russian Federation Team EmpireRussian Federation Vega Squadron and Russian Federation



The tournament's main stage is set to take place in Bucharest on October 19-22th and feature eight teams and a $ 300,000 prize pool. The detailed information on the qualifier’s schedule and format is yet to be revealed. We wish our boys the best of luck and can’t wait to see them back in action! #gonavi

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