PGL Major Krakow: Victory over FlipSid3


The second day of PGL Major Krakow is upon us, and our opponent for the day was CISFlipSid3 Tactics, another CIS team. The encounter was a Bo1 series that took place on de_train, and as a result, CISNatus Vincere G2A have taken the series with the score of 16:9.


PGL Major Krakow

[16:9 de_train]


CISNatus Vincere G2A VS CIS FlipSid Tactics — de_train


The first half started with CISNatus Vincere G2A on the CT side. The pistol round went not too well for us, as the first frag was claimed by electronic on Russian Federationflamie, and a little later, he picked up another one, and that gave them the opportunity to plant and defend against SlovakiaGuardiaN, 0-1 for us. The next round saw us go for a force buy, but unfortunately, the opponent has planted again, taking another round. Round 4, however, ended the streak of losses, as our patient play rewarded us, with Terrorists running out of time to plant. FlipSid3 seemed to have lost their stride, as other 2 rounds went our way to even the score, 3-3, and finally, we have gained the lead, 4-3.


s1mple with a 4k


Having shaken off the initial slumber, we charged into the action, as both SlovakiaGuardiaN and Ukraines1mple took 2 kills for themselves, and the opponent had no means to respond. Round 9 saw T's plant the bomb in 2v3, and FlipSid3 have picked up their first round in a while, but got one more shortly after, as Russian Federationseized was caught in an unfortunate situation, allowing terrorists to enter the site and plant, with SlovakiaGuardiaN and UkraineEdward saving. Several rounds later, we found ourselves at a disadvantage - 5-7; but this did not discourage us, as we strung 2 rounds together, with great plays to stall the opponent in their tracks, and even out the score until we won the half - 8:7.


For the second half, Natus Vincere played as Terrorists. Pistol round went the way of FlipSid3 again, but Ukraines1mple put on a show nonetheless, almost denying the defuse. As the scoreline came to be even again, s1mple went on to claim 4k - 9-8 for us. From there on, we have confidently hit our stride, only dropping one round before claiming the game - 16:9 for CISNatus Vincere G2A


Endgame stats, courtesy of

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