PGL Major Krakow: First round


CIS Na`Vi G2A will be taking on France G2 in the first round of PGL Major Krakow’s group stage. The match starts at 20:00 CEST July 16 and will be played in a Bo1 format. 


The latest encounter between the two teams saw the Born to Win five secure a hard-fought, yet clean, 2-0 victory in a Bo3 series. This time, however, it is going to be only one map which will decide the winner. Because of the changes to the major’s veto system, we consider it unlikely that either of the maps picked back at ESL One Cologne 2017 will be played today. For any further details on the new pick/ban system, make sure to check our PGL Major Krakow preview.
We hope that Na`Vi’s short bootcamp between ESL One Cologne and PGL Major Krakow bears fruit and that boys will be able to start their major run confident and victorious! #gonavi


Ukraine s1mple Russian Federation seized Slovakia GuardiaN Ukraine Edward Russian Federation flamie
Oleksandr Kostyliev Denis Kostin Ladislav Kovacs Ioann Sukharev Egor Vasilyev

best of 1

July 16

20:00 CEST


France Shox France bodyy France NBK France apEX France kennyS
Richard Papillon Alexandre Pianaro Nathan Schmitt Dan Madesclaire Kenny Schrub
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