PGL Winter Tavern Tales 2015 coverage


PGL Winter Tavern Tales 2015, held at DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015, will soon be over. OF 128 participants only 16 best players remain in the show. They will compete in pursuance of a bigger share in $ 25 000 prize pool. The player of our team Hoej is among them.


Initially, two players of Ukraine Natus Vincere — Germany Sebastian "Xixo" Bentert and Denmark Frderik "Hoej" Nielsen participated in the tournament. Only Denmark Hoej could make it  to the play-offs, while Germany Xixo had to leave the event.

All playoff games are held in сonquest format, best of 5. Today 1/8 of the final will be played. All other matches will be held tomorrow. The first rival of  Denmark Hoej is Sweden Freakeh from  Sweden SK Gaming. The Swedish player is capable of winning, which he has proven many times at many tournaments. Denmark Hoej will probably face difficulties in match, but let's hope, he'll manage to win.



  • Brackets — single-elimination.
  • The games are held in сonquest-fomat.


  • Matches are held in best of 5.
  • Each player choses 3 decks before the match.
  • The player can't use a deck, with which he won a game.

Prize pool

top 1 place: Romania hanniballz2 — $ 10 000

top 2 place: Czech Republic eSuba.Faeli — $ 5 000

top 3top 4 places: Romania Kevineter / United Kingdom ML.Modernleper — $ 3 000 each

top 5-8 places: Denmark Na`Vi.Hoej / Finland RCTIC.Kufdon / Romania Asahida / Romania Evilahab  — $ 1 000 each


Playoff brackets

3 Finland RCTIC.Kufdon
1Finland Kufdon
3Romania hanniballz2
3Romania hanniballz2
WinRomania hanniballz2
0 Germany Hurricane
3Romania hanniballz2
3Romania hanniballz2
0Romania Danielo
3 Romania Kevineter
3Romania Kevineter
1Romania Kevineter
0Romania averagehero
1 Sweden SK.Freakeh
1Denmark Hoej
3 Denmark Na`Vi.Hoej
3Romania Asahida
0Romania Asahida
2United Kingdom Modernleper
2Czech Republic Faeli
2Romania drujbanul
2 Germany Cloud9.Ek0p
3United Kingdom Modernleper
3 United Kingdom ML.Modernleper
3Romania Evilahab
2Romania Evilahab
3Czech Republic Faeli
1 Belgium RUZ3.Arneej
1Romania Alinro
3Czech Republic Faeli
3 Czech Republic eSuba.Faeli





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