PGS EXPONOR 2012: Prize money hasn't bee

Last October, Natus Vincere visited Portugal and took part in a Counter-Strike tournament called PGS EXPONOR 2012. The prize pool was 15,000 EUR. The event was sponsored by: OZONE, MSI, Clickfiel, and NOX. Our team took second place and received a paycheck for 4,000 EUR.



The organizers have assured us that a quarter of our prize would be transfered to Natus Vincere's bank account until November, 2012. We were promised to get the rest of it by the end of the year. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. We've been talking to the organizers who kept telling us that the payments had to be rescheduled several times. As far as we know, team Fnatic didn't receive the prize money either (9,000 EUR). In their last letter, the organizers promised to pay us by the beginning of March. This didn't happen either, and the tournament representatives are no longer answering our emails.

Considering five months have passed, it seems like the organizers aren't willing to pay the players, so we have no choice other than to publicly speak out about this situation. We hope that vox populi will be able to influence the tournament's staff because we couldn't accomplish it after five months of negotiations. Should that fail, we will press legal charges because we have every necessary document for it.
Andrey Hantil, our lawyer, said the following:
Natus Vincere claimed the second place in Pro Gamer Series last year. Our team's participation was determined by the Pro Gamer Series Exponsor 2012 Gold invite (COUNTER STRIKE 1.6).
We along with PGS organization (proof-links) confirmed Natus Vincere's participation in the tournament. Our second place in that tournament is proved by the information on PGS official website, as well as by many other participants who are aware of this. However, the PGS organization is yet to pay out the prize money which is determined by the terms and regulations of the tournament.  Given the fact that we have all the necessary documents, including the invitation, the confirmation of participation, the acknowledgement of money won, and the payment alloted to us, we intend to take this situation to court and we suppose that our chances to win the case are quite high.
Natus Vincere's CEO, Alexander Kohanovsky:
As mentioned above, we have everything necessary to go to court and prove that Natus Vincere did receive an invitation from the tournament's organizers. Both sides have confirmed our team's participation in the event. Moreover, there is sufficient proof that the tournament actually took place and it was Natus Vincere who claimed second place. Since we have signed contracts with the players who participated in PGS, it is clear that the payments should proceed directly to Natus Vincere.
We can prove that we haven't received the prize money from the organizers of the tournament. So, there is a clear violation of terms of public offer by the organizers. Thus, there's a point to taking the case to court. I consider our chances to be pretty high if we manage to file all the necessary documents in time.
We hope that the tournament representatives will change their mind and we will not have to go to court.
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