ESL ONE Cologne 2015: Na`Vi in Germany


As you know Ukraine Natus Vincere's CS:GO players are now in Cologne, Germany Germany, participating in the main event of the year - ESL One Cologne 2015. They came to the tournament as one of the favorites. While waiting for the event they took many photos of themselves to please the fans. See what the tournament looks like in the eye of pro eSportsmen and learn more about their daily routine.
The guys went to the airport cafe to eat some snacks and dring coffee.
K is for knee
They were waiting for their flight and spent time making fun and selfies for those, who support the team at ESL One Cologne.
G is for glasses
Russian Federation siezed on board.
C is for clouds
 Ukraine Zeus and Russian Federation seized are in the airport of Germany Cologne.
A is for airplanes
ESL rented vehicles to transfer players to hotel.
E is for ESL
The meeting of CS:GO players from CIS region. Slovakia GuardiaN tells joke.
P is for party
There's only one spot with access to WiFi!


F is for floor

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