Na`Vi in Dubai


Natus Vincere's CS:GO team came to ESL Pro League ESEA Invitational. They posted photos from their trip to Dubai to share their emotions with the fans on social networking websites. See the trip to the tournament as our players see it.


Day 1


The team went to Dubai from Slovenia, where Russian Federation seized celebrated his birthday after Gaming Paradise matches.



When u CS Player u birthdays always starting like this #21 #Slovenia

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Photo from the airport Marco Polo di Venezia. Natus Vincere players are waiting for the flight to Dubai.



UkraineZeus demonstrated his new cap in the airport!


I have a cap now. Little is yet to be done (to purchase Ferrari - translator's note)


During the flight to Dubai the players made a couple funny photos. As it turned out, other teams took the same flight.



Thanks to Emirates for WiFi during the flight


Zeus made a funny selfie with Polish player.


There's WiFi in the plane. We're flying with the Poles.

Do you recognize the guy behind me?


Here's another selfie of Zeus, taken in the UAE. This time with Edward another player from Polish team.


Day 2


The logos of Ukraine Natus Vincere are everywhere!


#esl has begun!

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The match of our team against TSM


@natus_vincere_official vs TSM

Фото опубликовано esports_live (@esports_live)

The venue of the tournament (gaming expo GAMES15)

The heritage of Pasha bizeps

The view near the venue is magnificent













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