Natus Vincere in Slovenia


Natus Vincere players are ready to show you some new pictures from Slovenia. They post photos in social media, trying to share their emotions with all fans and followers! You will see how our players have got to Slovenia, as well as find other interesting shots from tournament organizers.

Gaming Paradise will be conducted on 6–8 September not far away from a sea shore, gathering together many famous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams. The Born to Win players prepared to this tournament online, playing numerous PCW and official matches. Therefore, the preparation was quite intense, and the team is planning to show solid results in Slovenia and all following competitions.


Our players have begun their way to Portoroz from different places. seized and flamie flew from Russia, while the starting point of other players was in Ukraine. They met each other in Italy (Venice) and continued their way to Slovenia. Now, the guys are already in the city that hosts Gaming Paradise, waiting for their first match against Slovakia MiA, which will be played at 19:00 CET.


Russian Federation seized and Russian Federation flamie’s airplane selfie at Moscow airport. 


seized carries all his things in a special suitcase, decorated with creative stickers from Natus Vincere designers.



Daniil Teslenko took a picture in front of the plane, on which he travelled to Venice.

This photo captures the moment, when Zeus had already landed in Italy and decided to show the beauty of this country. The caption is: "Venice is smiling at me, I am smiling at Venice." 



This walk inspired Zeus to take and post a few other pictures of beautiful buildings. 


GuardiaNflamie and starix haven't post any photos from the Slovenian tournament yet, but the event organizers have done it instead of them. That is how the main stage and the room for Gaming Paradise participants look like.


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