Pistol round strategies on de_dust 2


During a competitive match, the pistol round can be considered a crucial round to win as it can easily help your team string together a few rounds. Usually, once you win the pistol round, then the opposing team should save for a round or two unless they decide to force buy or you lose a round, which means that you can win 3 or even 5 rounds in a row if you win the upcoming gun round which forces them to eco for yet another round.
Those rounds can help you in many different ways: it can help you advance your lead or help you mount a comeback. They can let you have the upper hand in a close match. Sometimes they can also play a crucial role on the team morale and may cause the team to break down or encourage them to start giving it their all. Most of the time teams have a hard time trying to secure the pistol round. We would be looking at some of the strats and setups that you can pull off on Dust 2 to help you get better at winning the first round of the half.
Comparision between the three starting pistols.

Terrorist side

First off we would talk about the Terrorist side. There aren’t much strats that the terrorists can do excluding any fakes or any variations that teams can do themselves. Most of the time it’s either a rush focusing one location, like A short, B and A long or teams can do a B split or the A split; if the team is well-coordinated or you are playing with your friends, then you can also have smokes to avoid losing any teammates before taking over the site or defending the retake.
Before the round even starts, you should decide on what equipment to buy; most of the time people would just buy a kevlar but they are only useful in the lower ranks, where most of the people do not have good aim and mostly aim at the chest. At higher ranked games, the enemies would have their aim on the head level and would just kill you with one bullet even if you have kevlar. 
The preferred pistol of choice for the Terrorists, after the Glock-18. Image courtesy of PCGamer.
A better choice would be to have smokes and maybe upgrade your pistol in case the CTs are going for kevlar. Most professional teams try to go for 4 smokes and any other optional utility meanwhile they would have 1 person with kevlar and a Tec-9 dropped by his teammate. The person with the Tec-9 should stay in front and cover his teammates who would try to set up the smokes or use any other utility that they have. 
Our very own UkraineArseny "ceh9" Trynozhenko has published a video focusing on some of the ways that you can win the pistol round on Dust 2 while being on the Terrorist side. He also showed some strats that teams can do to execute on a specific site. 

Remember to turn on English subtitles.

Counter-Terrorist side

On the Counter Terrorist side, there isn’t much to do except that you should hold the bombsite and do not attempt to rush them, as the USP-S or the P2000 isn’t sufficient against 5 terrorists who would have Glocks or any other pistol as they can easily overwhelm you. Ideally most people do a 2-1-2 setup, i.e. 2 at the B site, 1 at mid and 2 at A. The person holding mid can be really crucial as he can easily rotate to whichever site the enemies are going, since he can rotate to the site faster than the others. 
For equipment, a standard buy is having 1 defender from both sites to buy a kit. Others can go for utility, upgrade their pistols or just buy kevlar. Upgrading your pistol should be the lowest on your priority list, as even the USP-S or P2000 can still kill anyone with 1 headshot. Utility and kevlar can be really helpful as kevlar may help you in case you get rushed and would allow you to take some extra damage since glocks do less damage to armored opponents and most of the time during a rush the enemies won’t be trying to aim properly and just spray wildly instead.
A rare strat that is sometimes seen in matchmaking is that the teams buy 2 grenades and try to throw them at the same time where the enemies might rush from. If the CT at mid can try spotting them where they are heading towards, then they can easily throw 2 grenades at the same time at spots like Long doors, A short or Upper Tunnels. It can damage the enemy team really badly if they happen to stick together and get hit by a nade or two. It can easily land 2-3 kills if they don’t have armor and the grenade explodes right on them. 
Just like how ceh9 covered the pistol round on the Terrorist side, he also made a video on the CT side, showing how to make use of the 2-1-2 setup. Besides, he talks about the different setups that the Counter-Terrorists can do.
Remember to turn on English subtitles for the video.
You should always try to set up crossfires which would make taking out the enemies easier as they would get shot from two different angles, causing a bit of chaos and confusion amongst the team. 
For example, on the B bombsite, there can be multiple spots from where you can set up a crossfire: you can have one player at the fence and one at the B doors or the boxes near the car with both looking at upper tunnels. Otherwise you can have 1 stationed at platform and 1 at B doors or window which also work great. You can just use any setup that your team is comfortable with or whatever that works for you and your team.


This marks the end of our guide; remember that practice makes perfect, so you would have to keep playing and experiment with new strats and setups that you can try out with your team. You can use different variations of a strat that you and your team seem to be comfortable with. 


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