Pistol round strategies on de_inferno

Pistol round is a crucial round to win, as it can help a team in winning the match. In an ideal situation you will be able to win 2 more rounds if you win the pistol, as the enemy team would be on an eco or have worse economy than your team. We would be going through some of the strategies and setups that you can do during the pistol round on de_inferno.
After de_inferno was reworked, there were some spots changed, like the car at banana being replaced by barrels and the haystack outside apartments replaced by stairs. They have also added/removed some spots, like the bedroom next to the balcony was removed while there was another route added from T spawn which leads to alt mid.
The callouts for the new inferno. Credits to /u/aReDoNeHD

Counter-Terrorist Side

First off we will talk about the Counter-Terrorist side; the standard setup on Inferno is mostly 3 people defending A while the other two defend the B bombsite. One of the defenders at A should stay at the long or arch area to serve as a rotator in case they rush B and provide extra firepower over there. 
Apart from the person serving as a rotator, the other two people at the A site can hold the site from different angles or have a crossfire set-up to kill the enemy team before they can even figure out where they are being shot from and who to actually aim at. You should try to stay near the site and not attempt to rush the enemy team as all the routes to bombsite A contain tight gaps and close range fights. The glocks can easily overwhelm the USP-S or P2000 in that situation. Meanwhile, the area near the bombsite mostly has medium to long range fights. This can work in your favor as the CT side pistols have more headshot range than the Glock-18, which means you will be doing more damage at a further range than you would do with the Glock.
The B bombsite is more dangerous as it is the preferred site to rush for the Terrorists so you should try to not rush into banana or hold a position where it might be impossible for you to retreat from, like hiding behind the sandbags. Both players should either stick together or set up a crossfire inside the bombsite to avoid getting killed early on.
Both players can also buy a HE grenade and throw it at banana if your team suspects a B rush as they can easily do huge amounts of damage to the enemy team and may also get you one or two kills. If your teammate at A can quickly take a peek at mid, then they might be able to see the opponent moving towards banana, so you might be able to save your grenades if they did not spot anyone. If he can not quickly reach mid, then you or your teammate can also try taking a quick shoulder peek from barrels (previously known as car) to spot any enemies but remember to quickly retreat if you see the whole team rushing, as you will never be able to fend them off unless they have a really bad aim which at higher ranks is very rare.

Terrorist Side

For the Terrorists, it’s pretty obvious that for the pistol rounds you should make your way towards one bombsite together and try to kill the defenders swiftly so you can plant the bomb. Afterwards you just need to take your spots each and hide, you should try to waste as much time as possible and prolong the retake long enough for the bomb to explode.
The B bombsite is particularly easy to take control of as compared to the other bombsite. It doesn’t have as many positions to check, but you need to rush the defenders, otherwise they will just hide behind the cover and peek one after another, which might make killing them a little difficult. Before you even reach the bombsite you would have to make your way through banana; your team should try to take control of it early on as opponents’ pistols are better at long range fights than yoursб so you have to be as close as possible to them.
The B bombsite.
If you can take possession of banana and wait outside the bombsite, then you will have time to line up your smokes and block vision of any enemies who are rotating over to the site; remember to watch your back as they can also get the backstab on your team from mid. A smoke towards CT spawn is also really helpful to stop any rotators from sniping you with their pistols. You can also smoke off the coffins before proceeding towards the bombsite, as this will make your team only worry about the site itself and cut off the defenders inside from the rest of their team.
On the other hand, the A bombsite can be a complete mess if your team has no coordination. The site has numerous spots to check and the enemy team can have multiple crossfires set up to kill your team one by one. You can enter the bombsite by either the apartments or from mid; If you are going through mid, then remember to smoke off one of the sides. Most people prefer to smoke off people watching from long or cubby, as it also allows you to kill the enemies at boiler or quad. It also helps if you are doing an A split, as your teammates from apartments can help you from balcony or rejoin the team from boiler.
Arseniy "ceh9" Trynozhenko showing some of the smokes for the A site on de_inferno that you can practice. Remember to turn on english subtitles.
Clearing apartments and the A site should be easy, as close range fights really favor the glocks due to their larger magazine size. They can easily overwhelm the enemy and at close range they can also kill one with the headshot. The retake can be quite hard if you try to fight them, as they will be coming from CT spawn or mid which would make you engage in long range team fights, like from pit to library etc., so you will have to make sure that you fight close range against them while wasting their time. You should not force fights and keep them guessing where you are, as there are numerous after-plant positions to hold.
This marks the end of our guide, we hope that you were able to improve in your pistol rounds and were able to win more rounds with it. Also as de_inferno was added back to the competitive map pool a few days ago, we will also see teams play it and they might show up with some new strategies for the pistol round too.
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