Pistol round strategies on de_mirage


De_mirage is one of the custom maps from the previous versions of Counter-Strike which was reworked by Valve to be added into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as an official map. Today we will talk about some of the strategies that you can implement for the pistol rounds on de_mirage.


On the Counter-Terrorist side, you can use the 2-1-2 setup, as the person holding the middle can easily stop any enemy from coming mid, as the USP-S or P2000 have a range advantage over the Glock-18. Your team should maintain a distance from the Terrorists because of that and fight from afar.
The callouts for de_mirage. Credits to Froosh.
The person holding mid can easily provide cover to his teammates on the A bombsite from jungle if the enemy rushed the A bombsite; otherwise, he should watch over mid and prevent anyone from flanking through the connector. Also, he can easily rotate towards the B bombsite by either going back and make his way through the market or attempting to flank them from the underpass.
The defenders at the A bombsite can cover both of the possible entrances to the bombsite i.e. ramp and palace from a distance, but at higher ranks, the enemies would actually smoke off certain parts of the site to block off the vision of the defenders and force them to fight at close range. If that situation occurs then you can either stay inside the bombsite or play for the retake and wait for your team to arrive.
On the other hand, the B bombsite is the one that has more chances of being rushed by the Terrorists. The defenders at B should really hope to either stop them from making their way into the site or, wait for their teammates to rotate if they have breached your defenses since the bombsite is really tricky to retake due to numerous hiding spots and close range engagements.
In order to maintain control of the B bombsite, you can try throwing an incendiary grenade at the apartments to slow down their rush; this is a costly move as you would not have enough money to buy anything else other than a flashbang or decoy grenade. Otherwise, you can throw an HE grenade along with your teammate and, if it is timed correctly with the push then it can cause huge damage to the enemy team. If you want to be safe and don't want to waste your grenade on an empty area, then you can try peeking for info by jumping from where the van is located.
Over on the Terrorist side, they don’t have really any other option than either rushing a bombsite quickly or holding patiently then execute on a site properly. If your team is planning on making their way towards the A bombsite, then you can have an A split with 3 people going from the ramp while the other two come from the palace. 
You can have one individual in your team actually buy 1 smoke in order to block off any of the important areas like the CT stairs, jungle or the stairs at connector as that’s where the enemies would be stationed mostly. If they are holding from inside the site, then things become easier, as you have a fair chance at taking them out too. The Glock-18 can easily overwhelm an enemy with a USP-S or P2000 at close range due to a higher ammo capacity.
The A bombsite.
Meanwhile, if you want to go towards the B bombsite, then you would need more raw aim than tactics, as most of the time you would just rush onto the site. If you can get out of apartments and onto the bombsite, then planting the bomb and actually winning the round becomes easier, as the rush can pretty much cause chaos and the Glocks can fire more bullets than the USP-S or P2000, thus making them more efficient at spraying.
Your team can also make a cheap investment by buying a flashbang and maybe even a smoke grenade. You can throw the flashbang at the window when rushing through the apartments and, if it is angled properly, it will flash the defenders at short or market. The smoke can be used to block off the enemies' vision at either market or short, depending on where you think the threat is coming from.
The B bombsite.
Another uncommon strat is rushing down the middle towards short or connector but it can be quite dangerous, as the person at the sniper's nest would be able to easily spot you and call out the info to his teammates. Also, you will have to deal with a crossfire from both short and the A site. On the contrary, you can go from T apts and make your way to the connector through the underpass, trying to catch the defenders on the A site off-guard, as the person at the sniper’s nest would have to peek his head in order to see the enemies making their way to the connector. You can easily take him out with a single headshot at that range. If you are quick enough, you would be able to get to the site from connector before anyone from the B bombsite can rotate to the A site or provide assistance from short.
This covers up most of the strategies that are used during the pistol round on de_mirage. There are much more strats that players use and some of them are created by teams on the fly. If some of these strats don't work out for your team, don’t be afraid to experiment and use your imagination to create new setups or executes.
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