Nuke T-side pistol round strategies


Today we will be breaking down three pistol round strategies for de_nuke’s terrorist side, which we saw executed by Poland Virtus.proBrazil SK Gaming, and Denmark Team Dignitas. Learning how to utilize them properly and bringing them into play when you queue with your friends will no doubt help you score more wins and increase your matchmaking rank.'s setup (Heaven push)

The first on our list is the strategy used in EPICENTER: Moscow semis which saw Poland clash against Brazil SK Gaming for the grand final spot. We recommend that you watch the video below before proceeding with our step-by-step analysis. 



Your main task will be to quickly push ramp without using any grenades. Instead of choosing to attack B, however, you will have to make a less expected move. Four players will be pushing further towards heaven, and the fifth player – in this case, Poland byali – will lurk through either squeky or hut to catch the CT players with their backs turned towards him.



Why is this setup so effective?  The thing is, it is very typical for the CT player on ramp to fall back towards the B-site instead of engaging in the fight. The Poles also knew that there won’t be anyone holding the window  and assumed that SK were using a common positioning with one player holding ramp, two playing in A and the last one controlling yard. When the player in ramp retreated, there wasn’t anyone to back him up so the Ts were able to end the round successfully. 



Besides BrazilSK’s positioning mistakes and the Poland’s finesse, it is worth paying attention to Poland byali, who fired a few shots through windows above A giving opponents impression that the team will go towards this bombsite. Then he attacked the foes from behind and made one of the two crucial openings on the A-site.


Team Dignitas's setup (a B split)

The second pistol round strategy is a B split used by Denmark Team Dignitas in the match against CIS Natus Vincere.



Four players push ramp. One player jumps down vent. Like Poland in a previous setup, Denmark Team Dignitas assumed enemy positioning (1-3-1) and made use of it to eliminate the player in ramp, while the player in vent geared up to provide the back-up if needed by backstabing the opponent in case his team fails to take him down or trade kills. 



In this particular round, however, the CTs opted for a different strategy. By stacking the A-site they allowed four terrorists into ramp and B uncontested, which left them with no other choice except for the retake. The strategy’s key tasks are performed by the lurker, who smokes and flashes his way through A towards vent and has to finish off the retreating opponents and control vent. 


SK Gaming's setup

The ESL Pro League Season 4 semifinal match between Sweden NiP and Brazil SK Gaming saw the latter use another great pistol round setup with two smokes that helped them cut off main CT positions.


Russian VOD only 


The biggest difficulty is that you will have to know how to throw the mentioned smokes correctly. You will have to smoke off heaven and mini garage and then push the bombsite through hut killing the CTs there, leaving one player lurking behind to deal with the enemies coming through radio. Another important thing is that one of the two players buying smokes will have to purchase Tec-9 for the teammate who will lead the A-site attackers. 



Now let’s move on to the smokes which you will have to learn to execute the strategy properly. The player buying a smoke and a Tec-9 will have to cut off mini garage and in order to do that he will have to position himself in the corner near hut and throw the grenade taking one step forward. Then he will have to push the A-site together with his teammates. 



The second player smokes off heaven and throws a flashbang from near silo and then moves closer to radio to take down rotating opponents.



If executed properly, the abovementioned strategies will drastically improve your chances of winning the pistol rounds and starting off your terrorist halves confidently. We hope that you will find the information useful and be able to try it out in your future matchmaking games. 

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