Pistol round setups – T-side on de_train


How do the top teams in the world plan out their pistol round strategies? What is the key to winning these rounds? Today we will be analyzing some of the most effective professional setups on de_train’s terrorist side, taking a closer look at what each of the players does to move the team strategic plan from ideation to action.

Virtus.pro setup


Let’s start with Poland Virtus.pro’s complex pistol setup demonstrated in the match against Brazil SK at the recent ESL One NY event. Their setup comprised several stages, each being a crucial step towards securing a round win. The buy was the following: three players got a kevlar, and the other two - Poland byali and Poland neo - bought necessary grenades and pistols. 



The first stage involed Poland TaZ, Poland Snax and Poland neo taking control over “Boilers” and making noise there to make sure their opponents know where the bigger part of the team is; meanwhile, the other two players are holding the angle towards “Ivy” and “Middle” to stop possible pushes. To prevent usual aggression from the CT players in “Lower”, neo throws one of his flash bangs.



Stage two. Having made enough noise, three key players use their decays and rotate towards “Pop-dog”. To guarantee themselves a safer entry and prevent CTs from instantly spotting and possibly killing them, Polandneo and Poland byali smoke off A1 and A3 and later on give away bomb location to opponents. 




While every other team member is busy creating the illusion of a push onto A bomb site, Poland Snax sneaks through the “Upper” to identify enemy team positioning. Having spotted only Brazil TACO from afar, he lets his teammates know that B is clear and starts to push the opponent aggressively to quickly get into the comfortable position for a bomb hold.


Stage three. SK is caught in a trap; the setup works out perfectly. Although the most work in this round is done by Poland Snax, the overall situation on the map is worth paying attention to.


The bomb would still be planted even if Snax died, and the two players near the bombsite would still be able to secure good positions. Also,  Poland byali and Poland pashaBiceps were coming from behind, so SK’s chances of winning the round were either way very low. 

Overall, the strategy of the Poles boils down to a quick “Boilers” takeover with push spots under control, followed by A fake, created to make opponents move out of position and thus overlook Snax rotating over towards B. Having done all that, they merely had to plant the bomb and hold their positions, letting Poland byali and Poland pashaBiceps do all the dirty work. The videos below show what Poland  neo and Poland Snax, the key players of the round, were doing.




The next round we chose for analysis can be termed as a classic Na`Vi play, since the Born to Win five has been exploiting it ever since the time Ukraine Daniil “Zeus” Teslenko played for the team. This one is slightly less difficult to learn and use than Poland Virtus.pro’s setup. In contrast to the Poles’ teamplay-based strategy, you will need only one player to utilize it correctly, so it will be an easy one to pull off in one of your next amateur matches.
Generally, the main goal of the team implementing this strategy is to quickly get into the B bombside. All but one player purchase kevlars, and the remaining one invests in a smoke grenade and Molotov (in our case CIS Na`Vi decided to change it up a bit, and Slovakia GuardiaN bought Molov and P250.)




Four players make an aggressive push towards the B bombsite: three of them rotate through “Lower”, and the last one, carrying Molotov to throw over the bomb in case of 1v1, 1v2 and other setups, goes through “Upper”.


Being the key player in this setup, Russian Federation seized has to smoke off “Connector” to prevent the opponents from killing the players who enter the bombsite. The most common CT positioning for pistol rounds is 4 + 1, so it often happens that only one player holds B, and his teammate in “Connector” is the only one who can assist him in case of a push. After throwing his smoke grenade, Denis rotates towards “Long Hall”, where he patiently waits to catch the enemies coming from “Pop Dog”.



The post-bomb plant setup therefore looks the following way: the player carrying Molotov stays in “Upper”, while another player hides in “Long Hall” to watch his teammates’ backs and keep a tight hold upon “Pop Dog”. After a few trades the best case scenario would be for one of the terrorists in the bombsite to stay alive, but overall it varies depending on the situation.



Concluding, today we looked at two useful pistol round setups which can be incorporated in your own games. And although Poland Virtus.pro’s round is quite difficult to understand and will take some time to master, the second strategy is fairly easy and will surely help you get some more wins in regular matchmaking. 

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