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Tomorrow's journalists will fly to Seattle where The International 2013 will be hosted. It's the key major event in the whole world of DotA. Andrey "Xeo" Yatsenko and Oleg "prb" Bulavko will be on site to provide you with coverage including photos, videos, and interviews. Also, we've prepared something special for the fans of the team.
As you might know, VALVe introduced a special system of pennants which are available for purchasing in order to support the teams. These flags allow to count the fans who will be watching the matches on DotA TV. One of the most popular pennants last year was Na`Vi Yellow Fist. Today we are happy to inform you that we've updated our pennant which will be available for free for all of those who will come with the old one.
If you don't own Natus Vincere's pennant yet, you can buy it now as well as some other items which came out of our workshops:
image image
Bonds of Vincere Set                                                    Na'Vi's Weaselcrow
In the coming two weeks you can expect a lot of fresh and exclusive content from The International 2013 including photos, interviews, blogs, reviews, and much more. To stay up to date with all this stuff you can follow the official social media of Natus Vincere:
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Natus Vincere on Youtube.
Subscribe and stay tuned for all the exciting action which is coming up with The International 2013 around the corner. Be informed and cheer for Na`Vi. See you in Seattle!
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