Na`Vi.DotA beats in Farm4Fame 3.2

The first game was quite an easy victory for you. Did it give you additional confidence for the next game?

Na`Vi|XBOCT: Yes, we gained some force after the first game and when we saw  image Pajkatt's return. We felt that the real fight is just around the corner. And so it was: the second game was much more difficult.

Lone Druid, Bone Fletcher и Enchatress - didn't you pick too many heroes with any serious AOE?

Na`Vi|XBOCT: There was no way they could push us as bear with Radiance and Pugna is a very easy def. Besides they needed items on Tinker ans Razor, they were ganking and gave me some space to freefarm, for what they payed.

Do you consider to be stronger than you now?

Na`Vi|XBOCT: Basically,, MYM and Garaj-gaming are three equal opponents, all of them can be easily outplayed by us, everything depends on ourselves, as always.


image MYM vs. image Na`Vi.DotA


image Global Challengers < image MYM
image Na`Vi.DotA > image

1/4 Finals:

image Global Challengers > image Stronk Turtle
image Unique-esports < image MYM
image > image DTS
image Na`Vi.DotA > image shift

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Please fire your English translator as soon as possible!
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