PPL: Week 2 Recap


The second week of Paladins Premier League action is now complete and it’s time to take a look back at our match which took place last night. We played against International Ninjas in Pyjamas in a bo3 series.  
Because we were able to win against two strong opponents the week before – namely, International Fnatic and International Virtus.pro G2A – we were going into the match as the favorites to win. The match took place immediately after NiP’s game against Fnatic, whom they outplayed 2:1 in a closely contested game.
Map 1 went in International Natus Vincere’s favor after a close game, in which neither of the teams wanted to give up easily. Fortunately, we were able to close out the game in a very convincing fashion, giving opponents no chance of bouncing back.  

Game starts at 3:00:50


The second map was relatively even from the get go: both teams were raking up points without getting a real upper hand. Natus Vincere’s first attempts to attack the opponent resulted in failure, as Ninjas in Pyjamas showcased great defense and sustain to prepare the ground for their future offensive moves. Our guys were unable to defend the objective, thus giving up victory — 1:1.


The outcome of the match would therefore be decided on Map 3. Natus Vincere were incredibly close to achieving their third win in the league, but our opponents played better this time. The percent difference between the two teams was 10 %, and only one objective point determined the winner in the end.   
There will be many more games for Natus Vincere, and we believe that they will bring success for our boys! Let’s support them together!  #gonavi

Natus Vincere G2A Paladins roster

Netherlands Kai van Duppen

Front line / Flex
Finland Kari Parviainen

Damage / Flank
Estonia Kevin Rahu

Front line / Flex
Poland Pawel Majszyk

Damage / Flex
Finland Teemu Tenhunen

Support / Flex


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