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Blizzard announced schedule of the tournament game festival BlizzCon 2015. This is a true feast for all the fans of Blizzard games. It will be held 28 October - 1 November. The viewers will see the tournaments in Hearthstone, WoW ArenaStarCraft II (WCS). The event will begin one week before BlizzCon expo (Anaheim, US). It will be held in Burbank (US).

96 players from all over the world will participate in the competition. There will be four tournaments at the festival with total prize pool of $ 1 250 000. The tournaments won't be held simultaneously, so the viewers will be able to see all the matches. Most matches are LAN qualifiers before the main competition held at BlizzСon expo on 6-7 November.

You can watch all the matches for free at BlizzСon official website. WCS matches on StarCraft II will also be streamed on the League's website. If Natus Vincere players pass to the main stage of BlizzСon, you'll get an opportunity to watch their performance at the tournament. As of now, they've got their slots to the event in Prague.

Hearthstone World Championship

  • Prize pool: $ 250 000.
  • Quantity of participants: 16.
  • Dates: 28–31 October, 9:00 PDT (17:00 CET).
  • Format: the competition begins with group stage of 4 groups, format of matches is bo3; the first match in each group will be held on 28 October, the second one will be held on 29 October. 30–31 October the participants of the main event of BlizzCon will be determined.

Heroes of the Storm World Championship

  • Prize pool: $ 500 000.
  • Quantity of participants: 8 teams (5 players in each).
  • Dates: 28 October, 13:30 PDT (21:30 CET).
  • Format: the teams will be divided into 2 groups in the first round of the tournament. The competitions will be held in the format of double tournament. The teams  won't be kicked off.

WoW Arena World Championship

  • Prize pool: $ 250 000.
  • Quantity of participants: 8 teams (3 players in each).
  • Dates: 30–31 October, 13:30 PDT (21:30 CET).
  • Format: both groups, participating in the double tournament of quarterfinal will participate in the matches on 30-31 October. Two teams will get to the semifinal to be held at BlizzCon. Two more teams to get to the semifinal will be determined at BlizzCon.

StarCraft World Championship Series Global Finals

  • Prize pool: $ 250 000.
  • Quantity of participants: 16.
  • Dates: 1 November, 10:00 a. m. PDT (19:00 CET).
  • Format: same as the previous year. 16 players, which took top places in the tournament brackets of WCS, will get to the general brackets with bo1 matches. all the matches of 1/8 final will be held on 1 November. 8 players of 16 will get to quarterfinal to be held at BlizzCon.
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