Top-100 HotS players: August


HotS developers continue working on the system of ranked matches. And even though the Grandmaster league is still undergoing some internal testing, August Hero League leaderboards are already available for everybody to see. One hundred best gamers that have played a minimum of 50 games and reached Rank 1 in August secured their places in this top-100.  


scHwimpi has reached the highest place, finishing third. This fact proves that he is one of the strongest European professional players. Three more Na`Vi members — AlexTheProG, ethernal and JayPL — entered the Top-50, whereas Splendour has secured 63 place. We are pretty sure that it won't be for long and he will manage to make it to the best fifty. The player kiGzz who hasn’t been spotted in any of the professional teams yet is a leader of this month’s rankings. The full list can be found by clicking on the following link.


Additionally, there will be no team rankings in August due to some changes that were applied to Team League this month. However, such leaderboards must be compiled in the future, using the same criteria as in Hero League. 

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