Yozhyk wins Prestigio FIFA15 Сup!


The LAN-finals of Prestigio FIFA 15 is over. Tense battles between the players were held for the whole day in the gaming club ASUS CyberZone, Kyiv, to decide a champion. Our renown eSportsman Ukraine Yevhen "Yozhyk" Mostovyk was one of the participants.


Yevhen showed a brilliant performance at the tournament. He easily defeated all the rivals and took the championship's main trophy - golden medal and the prize pool of 5 000 UAH. The only contestant who could compete with Yevhen at the same level was Ukraine PRIES.Zyterox, who managed to defeat our player in one match of bo3-series. Further on Ukraine Yozhyk gathered strengths and didn't leave a single chance to the opponents. 

He defeated Ukraine Forlan in Grand Final 2:0 and became the champion of Prestigio FIFA 15 Cup. We congratulate Yevhen on this great result! He proved he's the best player of Ukraine one more time!


top 1 place: Ukraine Na`Vi.Yozhyk — 5 000 UAH

top 2 place: Ukraine Forlan — 3 000 UAH

top 3 place: Ukraine UzhgorodUA — 2 000 UAH


One more award to join the awards of our club!

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