Invent a slogan for Na`Vi - Results anno



[UPDATE 2]: So after careful reading of all the variants, we found out that the most appropriate slogan would be the one suggested by Hawk:


Naturally Victorious


This means he is the one to receive our fan-pack from image Natus Vincere! We want to thank everyone who participated in the contest and helped us to create the slogan, you are beyond awesome!


[UPDATE]: We have reviewed all the variants you sent us for the past few weeks and will announce the winner on Monday, February, 11th. Thank you for your patience and creativity!


Dear friends! e-Sports club image Natus Vincere calls for your creativity and asks you to help us inventing a truly unique and emotional slogan for our team! Together with you we are striving to create a bright and emotional motto that would incarnate the spirit and ideology of Na`Vi and perfectly fit our mission.


Contest details:


  • Invent your slogan in image English
  • It should be short - approximately 3-4 words
  • Slogan should be bright and remembering, it should arouse emotions and relate to "e-Sports", "victory", "triumph", "achievement", "unique", "desire", "success" and everything related to these meanings in direct or indirect way
  • Each participant can post only once (in the comments), but your comment may contain as as many variants as you have
  • Slogan should be unique and doesn't copy slogan or motto of any other team / company. Plagiarism is not accepted!


Slogans that Natus Vincere deem to be successful:


  • Winning is everything (SteelSeries)
  • Play hard - go pro (CPL)
  • Beyond the Game (WCG)


The one who suggests the most interesting variant will get the following prize-pack:


  • Na`Vi T-Shirt
  • Na`Vi Hoodie
  • Na`Vi cup
  • Na`Vi pen
  • Dota 2 cap
  • Kingston scarf
  • Fan accessoires from с The International 2




Post your variants in the comments and we will choose the winner on February, 8th, 2013. Please leave your valid e-mail address, which we will use to contact you. Remember - no plagiarism!

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