TI 2015 prize pool reaches its goal!


Many did not believe that The International 2015 prize pool will reach $15 million. However, despite all the pessimistic beliefs, Valve has reached its goal thanks to the fans.


The International 2014 offered players more than $10 million and this year’s tournament is $5 million ahead already. All the Dota 2 players will be rewarded with a special Immortal Axe set and a comic book about this hero for accomplishing the goal. 


If we look at the prize pool graph closely, we’ll be able to see that the total sum started growing during the qualifiers for TI and haven’t slowed down ever since. Fans now have just a month left to increase the prize pool even more to $16-17 million. Valve should seriously consider stretching Compendium goals and adding additional rewards for increasing The International 2015 prize pool.


We would like to remind that Valve themselves contributed $1.6 million to the prize pool, while the rest $13 384 806 are all attributable to Compendium purchases by the Dota 2 fans. It were them who increased the prize pool for %837 compared to the starting amount.


Interesting to know:

  • The International 2015 will have the biggest prize pool in e-sports history
  • The tournament will offer at least $15 million to the players, compared to last year’s $10 million
  • There is still one month remaining for the prize pool to grow
  • The most fruitful days in terms of money added were day 1, when $1 927 102 were added, day 29 with $378 368 and day 36 with $867 344 added.


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