Copenhagen Games 2012 - Day 2 Coverage



And the second day of Copenhagen Games 2012 comes! Today we will see the matches in Double Elimination bo3 bracket (with Loser Bracket bo1 format) to find out who will be on top of this Danish tournament. After a solid 5-0 performance yesterday, image Na`Vi is going to be a favourite as they take of Finnish team of Tomi "Lurppis" Kovanen in the opening match. Will image WinFakt prove to be that very dangerous team everyone is talking about or Natus Vincere will continue its stampede to the tournament's top? We will find out this today, with our coverage here at


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00:50 - The Day Two marathon is officially over and unfortunately image Natus Vincere could not take the victory from image fnatic in a thrilling series of comebacks. This means we take the silver medal which is also a decent result. Thank you for staying with us and following our coverage.


22:00 - Yet another close match for image Na`Vi ends in their favor. image WinFakt. started the game on tuscan with a solid performance, getting 11 to 4 into sides-switch. Yet, Ukrainian attack side was good enough to even the score. While Finn quintet made few rounds, in the end Natus Vincere ended it with 16 to and proceed to Copenhagen Games 2012 final where they will meet image fnatic just right now.  


21:54 - We've got video from that intense match with image Lemondogs:




20:52 - It has been hell of a tough match for both teams as it ended in a series of additional rounds. In the end image Na`Vi has managed to beat image Lemondogs on de_dust2 with 19 to 17 score and stays in the tournament where they will take a possible revenge from image WinFakt. Match starts in 15 minutes.  


20:45 - image Na`Vi playing image Alternate and image Xapso:




19:09 - In an intense match image Lemondogs pulls 16 to 14 victory over image SK Gaming which means image Na`Vi will be playing this very team in 15 minutes. Support us!


18:16 - Alternate's inferno was not enough for them as image Na`Vi taking 16 needed rounds with 10 rounds lost. Now our boys will face a winner of the Swedish derby between image SK Gaming and image Lemondogs in Loser Bracket's final. Meanwhile we were able to talk to the living legend image HeatoN in yet another interview from Copenhagen Games:



17:11 - image Natus Vincere beats image Xapso with 16 to 11 score and will now face image Alternate in Loser Bracket's semifinals, match starting soon.


15:45 - image Anexis pulls a sensational 16 to 14 close victory over image ESC Gaming meaning that IEM 6 world champions are out of the tournament! Meanwhile image Na`Vi outplays image MoD eSport and gets ready to face coloN's team image Xapso.


15:15 - image Interview with coloN:



14:50 - image WinFakt playing image SK Gaming on-sight video:



14:30 - image Na`Vi vs image MoD-eSport is now live at


13:49 - We've talked to image Arseniy "ceh9" Trynozhenko right after their loss to image WinFakt. Click on CC to enable English subtitles.



13:30 - image ColoN and image ArcadioN in action versus image SK Gaming:



12:03 - Unexpectedly Na`Vi falls short to WinFakt and will now continue in Loser Bracket bo1 slaughter.


11:30 - Few ingame videos, Na`Vi vs Winfakt:





11:11 - WinFakt pulled a series of impressive rounds as T after sides switch and managed to take the first map with 16 to 14 score. de_inferno is the second map, starting in a few minutes.


10:44 - Na`Vi is currently leading 10 to 5 in the first half.


10:10 - Tournament grid is available here (DE&SE).


10:00 - New transfer video is available. Team is going to play like 15 hours of pure CS today, so please support our boys as they read all of your comments!



09:33 - Na`Vi vs WinFakt match starts in 30 min.




Double Elimination, WB Grand Final:



image Natus Vincere vs image fnatic

[00:00] @ de_tba

[00:00] @ de_tba




Double Elimination, WB final:



image WinFakt [0:2image fnatic

[10:16] @ de_nuke

[03:16] @ de_train


Double Elimination, 3rd round:



image Alternate [0:2image fnatic

[12:16] @ de_dust2

[10:16] @ de_nuke


image WinFakt [2:0] image SK Gaming

[16:8] @ de_mirage

[16:13] @ de_train


Double Elimination, 2nd round:


image Lemondogs [0:2image Alternate

[12:16] @ de_nuke
[11:16] @ de_inferno


image fnatic [2:1] image ESC Gaming 
[11:16] @ de_train
[16:10] @ de_dust2
[16:9] @ de_mirage
image Na`Vi [0:2image WinFakt 
[14:16] @ de_train
[07:16] @ de_inferno
image Xapso [0:2image SK Gaming 
[06:16] @ de_mirage
[13:16] @ de_forge
Round 8, LB consolation final:
image Na`Vi [16:14] image WinFakt @ de_tuscan
Round 7, LB:
image Na`Vi [19:17] image Lemondogs @ de_dust2
Round 6, LB:
image SK Gaming [14:16image Lemondogs @ de_nuke
image Na`Vi [16:10] image Alternate @ de_inferno
Round 5, LB:
image Anexis [09:16image Lemondogs @ de_tuscan
image Na`Vi [16:11] image Xapso @ de_mirage
Round 4, LB:
image zNation [0:1image Lemondogs
image Na`Vi [16:13] image MoD-eSport @ de_tuscan
image Anexis eSport [1:0] image ESC Gaming
image Last Kings [0:1image Xapso
Round 3, LB:
image zNation  [1:0] image seven11
image BOOOM [0:1image Anexis eSport
image MoD-eSport [1:0] image CPH Wolves
image Last Kings[1:0] image SharkGaming
Round 3, LB:
image zNation [1:0] image DiZLiKEZ
image seven11[1:0] image PPT
image teamKR e.V. [0:1image BOOOM
image semXorah [0:1image Anexis eSport
image fjortis [0:1image MoD-eSport
image CPH Wovles [1:0] image NinjaNice
image Mojo Amsterdam [0:1image Last Kings
image Mkuuu [0:1image SharkGaming
Round 1, LB:
image zNation [1:0]  image team decerto
image whoname? [0:1image seven11
image teamKR [1:0]  imagedafuq
image semXorah [1:0] image
image TRiCKSTerS [0:1image fjortis
image CPH Wolves [1:0] image Visual Gaming
image Mkuu [1:0] image alchemists


Double Elimination, 1st round:


image Lemondogs [2:0] image SharkGaming

[16:02] de_inferno

[16:03] de_mirage



image Alternate [0:2] image Last Kings
[11:16] @ de_inferno
[11:16] @ de_tuscan
image fnatic [2:0] image NinjaNice
[16:05] @ de_nuke
[16:07] @ de_tuscan
image ESC Gaming [2:0] image Mod-eSport
[16:09] @ de_nuke
[16:02] @ de_dust2
image Natus Vincere [2:0] image Anexis
[16:14] @ de_tuscan
[16:12] @ de_mirage
image WinFakt [2:0] image IMBA
[16:12] de_nuke
[16:08] de_inferno
image  Xapso [2:0] image PTT
[16:09] @ de_tuscan
[16:12] @ de_inferno
image SK Gaming [2:0] image DiZLiKEZ
[16:09] @ de_mirage
[16:02] @ de_dust2


image Natus Vincere - markeloff, Edward, starix, Zeus, ceh9
image zNation - AERO, DaY, tacky, wAke, liTTle
image ESC Gaming - Neo, kuben, TaZ, Loord, pasha
image SK Gaming - GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, face, RobbaN, trace
image fnatic - Xizt, Gux, MODDII, Friis, karrigan
image Lemondogs - threat, niko, FYRR73, kHRYSTAL, zneel
image Alternate - approx, Troubley, Kapio, Tixo, Roman R.
image Xapso - ArcadioN, turkizh, coloN, zanoj, Xyp9x
image WinFakt - allu, aslak, H^N, BASiC, dRiim
image Anexis - BERRY, Snappi, SFM, Nuggi, zE-
image PTT - aneee, REASTEN, bJERKE, chrisJ, luosrevo
image SharkGaming - zeeth, pzyclone, telli, EXR, suraNga
image alchemists - hettA, Zeuvs, zEn, Ben, stash
image BOOOM - emilio, maxaki, skytten, relIk, dalito
image MoD-eSport - jonkkis, mkzz, Metaphor, tomsku, zehN
image semXorah - dmz, atx, LuL4, lkn, felippe
image Last Kings - lomax, raalz, homaz, zirg, krischjo
image Mojo Amsterdam - guidson, xilo, lex0r, tazzie, ufear
image team decerto - evon, DiamanT, maKazio, marwin, xknight
image - Muzzi, Homuz, domax, 2bl, Dash, DetlevSnitzEl
image TRiCKSTerS - JQGGE, xgN, daksch, skaut, GYLDE
image StarteR - Paddy, KK, MJE, whimp, MoRf4r
image teamKR - emlikz, montrey, quiN, faizen, dominikkk




1 place - image fnatic - 9,400?

2 place - imageNatus Vincere - 4,700?

3 place - image WinFakt - 2,600?


Counter-Strike highlights from the event:




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