Dreamhack Summer 2012 Coverage - Day 3



The two days of intense groupstage matches at image Dreamhack Summer 2012 are now over and we are finally heading to the most exciting stage - playoff. Both image Na`Vi.DOTA and image Na`Vi.Counter-Strike got to the playoff with DOTA 2 team winning its group and CS 1.6 team respectively winning 2 out of 3 matches. Neverthelses, both Natus Vincere teams are now on their final run to the DH Summer's trophies and that can't leave us without impressive and spectacular matches this Monday, June, 18th.


Just like two days before, this coverage will be hourly updated with news from the event, as well as videos and our video content. Stay tuned and definitely support us! We love you.


Useful links to see in between matches:


The official DOTA 2 videostream:



Latest updates from Jonkoping by Na`Vi

23:45 - It's all over and unfortunately, we'll be going home with another silver medal... Congrats to image mTw, they played awesome and we hope we'll meet them at another event and grab our revenge! :) Thanks for the support guys!

22:39image mTw take us down in a tight and close game. They tie the series 1-1, the final game at the Dream Arena is about to be played after a short break! Players need to regain their thoughts and chill out a bit, see you soon!



21:32 - Game two has just started! Bans/picks:


We also have a new video for you, uploaded on our Youtube page:


20:31 - After an epic game one, image Na`Vi are up 1:0! Game two is coming up shortly after a break!

19:19 - It's on! The Grand Final between image Na`Vi and image mTw has just started! Bans/picks:


18:33 - The Grand Final is starting in 30 minues and image Puppey is watching you!



17:34 - New Counter-Strike video from the first Grand Final match:



17:10 - What a performance by our Dota 2 team! Such impressive play against image EG, taking two consecutive fast victories without any trouble at all! We will face mTw in the Grand Finals soon! Na`Vi!!!

16:56 - No gold for Counter-Strike team again as they lose 7:16 de_mirage. Congratulations to image fnatic who was able to secure both Swedish Championship and Dreamhack Summer 2012 in three days!

16:44 -image Na`Vi takes a 1:0 lead against image EG in the bo3 series! Here are the bans/picks of the second game:


16:00 - And image Na`Vi.Counter-Strike ties the score to 1:1 by maps, convincingly beating image fnatic on de_train with 16 to 7 score! The Dreamhack Summer 2012 trophy will be now decided on de_mirage, cheer for us!


15:36 - image Na`Vi takes on image EG in the second Semi final! Bans/picks:


15:18 - image mTw proceeds to the final of Dreamhack DOTA 2 Vengeance Cup after beating image mousesports with 2 to 1 score. image Na`Vi.DOTA vs image Team EG to start very soon!


15:02 - image Na`Vi and image fnatic are now in the Dreamhack Arena hall and the Counter-Strike final will be continued just in few minutes:



14:31 - An interview with fnatic all-time leader image Patrik "cArn" Sattermon is now ready and that reveals all of your questions about his appearance at Dreamhack Summer 2011:



14:28 - The second map of Counter-Strike match is postponed to 15:00 CET. Let's use that time wisely and check out some new CS 1.6 video content from Jonkoping!





13:15 - Few new DOTA 2 videos as image Na`Vi.DOTA waiting for their semifinal match versus image EG. In the first video you can see how the draft is done out there is Natus Vincere:



The second one is how our team played versus image Darer:



And the last one is our fresh highlight from image Na`Vi.DOTA vs image Cop Top massacre:



13:11 - Counter-Strike 1.6 final is now full in action and unfortunately image Na`Vi.CS starts with a defeat to image fnatic on de_dust2. The following map will be de_train and we hope to see the final clutch at de_mirage afterwards


11:27 - Arseniy "ceh9" Trynozhenko told us about his insights on shitty CS:GO title, CS 1.6 future, team's groupstage loss to fnatic, his plans if Counter-Strike is no more, as well as spread some light on Natus Vincere's new leader:



11:20 - Do you think proplayers can be active only during the night time? Well, it's not true as our guys prefer loud dubstep and car dancing on their way to the playoff matches! You don't believe us? Well, here is the proof:



11:19 - The second DOTA 2 match was so close with image Darer getting momentum over our team multiple times. In the end it all came to lategame teamfights which were better executed by image Na`Vi.DOTA. Hence, we are now waiting for image AL vs image EG winner in the semifinal. Counter-Strike team has also finished map 1 which could not end after 15-15 tie. The victory to image Na`Vi.CS brought the overtime that was won by our guys 4 to 1. de_tuscan is now live.


10:29 - Counter-Strike semifinals have also started and image Na`Vi is now playing image Virtus.Pro at de_train, de_tuscan and de_inferno (if needed).


10:04 - Sleepiness or not, but image Darer team calls GG in the first match versus image Na`Vi.DOTA within 14 minutes. Game 2 to follow shortly!


09:18 - image Darer overslept and that caused some delay. Match will start in about 15 minutes.


08:39 - Pre-match interview with image EG.Bulba and image EG.DeMoN is also available:



08:19 - Meanwhile we have some new videos for you from last matches' including image mouz vs image CLG live footage and new highlight featuring Dendi vs image MAD:





08:00 - DOTA 2 quarterfinals will soon commence with image Na`Vi vs image Darer and image EG vs image AL.




The Grand Final (bo3):

  • image mTw vs image Na`Vi


Semifinals (bo3):

  • image mouz [1:2image mTw
  • image Na`Vi [2:0] image EG


Quarterfinals (bo3):

  • image CLG [0:2image mouz
  • image Quantic [0:2image mTw
  • image Na`Vi [2:0] image Darer
  • image EG [2:0] image AL




 image mouz (SingSing, SexyBamboe, 1437, Black, CWM)
 image Darer (ArtStyle, God, Mag~, Funn1k, Go[blin])
 image AL (Snoopy, bLeek, xMusica, blackshatan, Godot)
 image Quantic (Korok, Solara, PAINTITGOLD, Lasthitmagic, Matrim)
 image Na`Vi (Smile, Puppey, Dendi, XBOCT, LightOfHeaven)
 image CLG (Akke, Lacoste, Mirakel, Pajkatt, Misery)
 image mTw (syndereN, 7ckngMad, Socks, Funzii, Kebap)
 image EG (Maelk, Fear, Demon, Bulba, Universe)




  • Fnatic - $7 300
  • Natus Vincere - $3 600
  • Virtus.Pro & ESC Gaming - $1 800


Final (bo3):

  • image Na`Vi [11:16] [16:07] [07:16image fnatic @ dust2, train, mirage


Semifinals (bo3):

  • image fnatic [16:11] [16:03] image ESC Gaming @ dust2, train
  • image Na`Vi [19:17] [16:02] image Virtus.Pro @ train, tuscan




image Natus Vincere - markeloff, Edward, starix, Zeus, ceh9
image ESC Gaming - Neo, kuben, TaZ, Loord, pasha
image fnatic - Xizt, Gux, MODDII, Friis, karrigan
image Virtus.pro - evil, hooch, kucher, LeX, xaoc


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