Live coverage of EMS One Katowice CS:GO

Natus Vincere Counter-Strike: Global Offensive squad will be participating in the EMS One Katowice CS:GO Championship tournament from the 13th to 16th of March in Katowice (Poland). The prize pool of this tournament is $250 000. It is one of the biggest prize amounts in the history of Counter-Strike. Note that that is only one of the 4 similar tournaments planned for 2014.


Na’Vi players have been preparing for two weeks at a rented base in Kiev. The team will no longer be training at the office because an apartment allows players to live there as well. As you know, our team changed it roster at the end of last year, but it has already managed to perform in one large event – SLTV 8, where our team captured the second spot.


EMS One Katowice will be held at the national sports palace. The event itself will bring together the best teams in the world that will be battling not only for an imposing prize fund, but for the best team status as well.





Stream by Ceh9



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Tournament news: 


21:20 - We've interviewed Sergey "starix" Ischuk. The team veteran has told us not only about the reasons behind the loss, but also about how the team plans to fix the resulting crisis.


19:40 - The second quarter-final match of EMS One Katowice CS:GO Championship os over - image [2:0]  image LDLC. The French had nothing to oppose their opponents with even on their strong map de_inferno – 16:8 in favor of Polish team. image will have some rest while waiting for the winners of image LGB eSports -  image Fnatic pair, a game that will start tomorrow at 14:00 CET.


18:34 - An unbelievable domination of Poles continues at their home arena!!! The score after the first side on de_mirage 15:0!!!


18:05 - The image -   image LDLC match will be starting in a few minutes. The polish team under the banners of a Russian organization will meet the only French team left in the tournament. Both teams are currently in great shape, and, I’m sure that they wil show their best C.S.


17:20 - 2:0 is the maps score for image dignitas. Ange1 and co. couldn’t handle Mirage and this means that team image HellRaisers’ participation at the championship is over. Again the team is in top-8 of the strongest teams in the world, but the next step is unreachable this time around as well. The Dutch will be waiting for the winner of the image Nip - image Complexity pair.


16:55 - The game between image HellRaisers and image dignitas is ongoing. The Dutch were victorious on first map de_dust2 – 16:7, and now the teams are playing Mirage (image HellRaisers pick), the score after the first half – 9:6 for the CIS team.


13:00 - The tournament has officially been opened. Unfortunately, the tournament will continue – or should we better say “start” – without Na’Vi. Yesterday our team lost two matches in a row and couldn’t make it out of their group. A bit later we will talk to the players and find out what exactly “didn’t go as planned”. And for now we will be following the events.


14/03/2014 - EMS One Katowice Day Two



01:30 - Na’Vi lose the second map with a score of 14:16 and exit the tournament…

00:25 - Our video gallery is continuously updated.  This time we added another 2 new videos:



23:55 - NaVi lose the first map. Right after the game end the boys shook hands with their adversaries and left to hold a discussion. We remind you that two losses would mean that the team won’t be able to advance from the group. 

23:42 - At the same time our channel continues to be updated with tournament videos:



23:10 - You won’t believe it but the first Na’Vi game against LGB eSports has started.

22:25 - According to our information, Valve has released a game update – 2,7 GB, which has led to steam-platform overload.



22:09 - A few pictures from today. Check out more in our gallery.

Team arrives to Spodek – the sports palace where EMS One is being held


Dosia & ANGE1 from HellRaisers


Spodek - the event venue

Zeus didn’t get enough sleep last night so he had to catch up on the road

22:09 - The option of postponing games till tomorrow morning is discussed.


22:05 - At the moment, Na’Vi has not yet started playing in their first match that was planned for 20:00. The game start is delayed because of steam malfunctions.


22:00 - The game between image LDLC против image 3DMAX is over. The French team has won in a bitter struggle – 16:13, and the Norwegians are going home, occupying the 3rd spot in their group.


21:40 - The last match of group B is ongoing, image LDLC are playing image 3DMAX. For now the score is a tie – 11:11. In a few minutes group C and D games will be starting. American, Norwegian, Swedish, French and Ukrainian teams will be joining the battle.


21:15 - Wow!!! Team image Titan is knocked out of the tournament after a match against image HellRaisers – 14:16 is the final score. One of the main favorites exits the tournament even before the group stage is over. Congratulations to boys from image HellRaisers!!! It is a great statement for the championship!


20:19 - The last match of groups A and B is about to start. image Titan will face image HellRaisers,  and image LDLC will play image 3DMAX. Can the French make it double and move both their teams to the ¼-finals? The loser exits the tournament and the winner moves on to the play-offs of EMS One Katowice CS:GO Championship.

20:10 - 


Seized: "This babe is under my protection now!”


20:09 - image Vox Eminor join image mousesports. image 3DMAX confidently overpower their opponents – 16:7. Germans and Australians are going home.


19:50 - The opponents of image Titan in their group deciding match have been determined. They will face team image HellRaisers, that won over Germans from image mousesports with a score of 16:9. All the best of luck to our boys and we will be following their game on Ceh9’s official broadcast.


19:37- In a parallel match image Vox Eminor win 5:0. It ain’t hard to see that the Australians prepared very well for de_inferno.


19:33 - After the first part the match score is image HellRaisers - image mousesports [10:5]. Now the CIS team will have to play defense at de_dust2.


19:07 - image LDLC resisted decently to the Swedes from image NiP. Final score – 16:7. image NiP will be joining image in the play-offs, and the French will await the opponent, that will be determined in the match between image 3DMAX and image Vox Emino. Also image HellRaisers and image mousesports are fighting for a chance to continue their participation in the tournament at this very moment.


18:45 - What a match!!! Fliying AWPs from Snax, headshots from SmithZz and some amazing domination from the polish team at their domestic arena. 16:7 and image are going to the play-offs. And the French will have to meet the winner of the image HellRaisers - image mousesports pair who will be playing in a couple of minutes.


18:28 - Na’Vi have just checked in at the hotel and in 15-20 minutes will proceed to the event venue. It’s 10 minutes walking distance from the hotel.


18:23 A Swedish-French derby is expected in the image NiP- image LDLC game. Recall that the winner of this pair will go directly to the play-offs of EMS One Katowice CS:GO Championship.


18:19 - Talk of the devil and he is sure to appear – you can definitely say that about Pasha. The teams have their full rosters once again and the game is ready to resume.


18:13 - Technical difficulties, again. Pasha disconnects and the Polish team plays one round a man short. Server pause.


18:05 - One of the most interesting and anticipated matches of today has just started: image Titan - image Can the Poles who are in such a great shape stop the unbeaten French? Follow the official broadcast of Arseniy “Ceh9” Trinozhenko and soon you will know the answer to that question.  


17:52 - Another game has come to its end. The French from image LDLC had to struggle with team image Vox Eminor, the final score is 16:13. In the next two hours we’ll be up for upper bracket games of groups A and B. The results of these matches will determine the first play-off participants.


17:30 - The first overtimes of the tournament have ended quite fast: image  HellRaisers - 19:16. This means that we are up for a unbelievably interesting match  image Titan -, where, I’m sure, the first championship contender will be determined.


17:15 -  The boys from image HellRaisers in a bitter struggle against the polish warriors from were able to bring the match to an overtime – 15:15. This match will resume in about a minute, while the game between image Vox Eminor and image LDLC is going at the same time - 4:2 the team from Australia is leading.


16:55 - image Titan and image  mousesports teams were able to finish their game after all, final score – 16:5 image Titan. The French are going to the winners bracket and will be waiting for the winner of the image HellRaisers - pair. We remind you that you can follow this match on “Ceh9’s” steam where you could also win some EMS One Katowice CS:GO Championship souvenir boxes


16:30 - Another pause in the image Titan - image  mousesports match and again problem with computers. Hopefully, other teams will be able to avoid this issue and organizers can handle the technical malfunctions.


16:20 - The first CIS squad will be joining the battles at MS One Katowice CS:GO Championship in a few minutes, team image HellRaisers will be meeting with Poles from image Also the tournament will continue with a battle between image Vox Eminor and image LDLC.


16:08 - The image Titan - image  mousesports game has resumed, for now the score is 3:0 for the French.


15:50 - The first game of the tournament is over. The image  NiP - image  3DMAX match didn’t bring us any unexpected result, a confident victory by the Swedes 16:5. The image Titan - image Mousesports match has been paused, players are experiencing some problems with their computers.


14:40 - Good day to everyone. Natus Vincere squad has still not arrived to the tournament venue. Initially it was planned that the team would arrive a day before the event, ie March 12, however, the annual visa renewal happened at the same period, so the team could only depart today. As of 14:00 CET, the team is still at the Warsaw airport from where they will be having their flight to Katowice in 30 minutes. According to the schedule, the first games of Natus Vincere are scheduled for 18:00 CET, so the team should arrive just in time and there should be no reason for worries.


13/03/2014 - EMS One Katowice Day One



Play-offs bracket:


image  NiP
image Complexity
image dignitas
image dignitas
image HellRaisers
image  LGB eSport
image Fnatic



Group stage:


Group A
# Team GP V L Pts
1 image #1 2 2 0 6
2 image HellRaisers #2 3 2 1 6
3 image Titan 3 1 2 3
4 image mousesports 2 0 2 0


image Titan [16:5] image mousesports

image [19:16] image HellRaisers

image Titan [7:16] image

image HellRaisers [16:9] image mousesports

image Titan [14:16]  image HellRaisers


Group B
# Team GP V L Pts
1 image NiP #1 2 2 0 6
2 image LDLC #2 3 2 1 6
3 image Vox Eminor 2 0 2 0
4 image 3DMAX 3 1 2 3


image NiP [16:5] image 3DMAX

image Vox Eminor [13:16] image LDLC

image NiP[16:7] image LDLC

image 3DMAX [16:7] image Vox Emino

image LDLC [16:13] image 3DMAX


Group C
# Team GP V L Pts
1 image dignitas #1 2 2 0 6
2 image Fnatic #2 3 2 1 6
3 image Reason 3 1 2 3
4 image iBUYPOWER 2 0 2 0


 image Fnatic [12:16] image Reason

 image dignitas [16:6] image iBUYPOWER

image Fnatic  [16:13] image iBUYPOWER

image Reason [8:16]  image dignitas

image Reason vs [6:16image Fnatic


# Team GP V L Pts
1 image LGB eSports #1 2 2 0 6
2 image Complexity #2 3 2 1 6
3 image Clan-Mystik 3 1 2 3
4 image Natus Vincere 2 0 2 0


 image Complexity [16:06] image Clan-Mystik

 image Natus Vincere [08:16] image LGB eSports @ inferno

image Complexity [11:16image LGB eSports

image Natus Vincere [13:16image Clan-Mystik @ dust2

image Complexity [16:12]  image Clan-Mystik


Prize pool:

1 place - $100 000

2 place - $50 000

3-4 places - $22 000

5-8 places - $10 000

9-16 place -$2 000



13.03 - Group stage

14.03 - Quarter-finals

15.03 - Quarter-finals and semi-finals

16.03 - Semi-final, Final


Team rosters:

image Natus Vincere: starix, Edward, Zeus, GuardiaN,seized
image Fnatic: pronax, flusha, schneider, JW, Devilwalk
image Ninjas in Pyjamas: f0rest, GeT_RiGhT, Xizt, Fifflaren, friberg
image Titan: Ex6TenZ, NBK, SmithZz, ScreaM, shox
image dignitas: cajunb, FeTiSh, device, dupreeh, Xyp9x
image Happy, Uzzziii, Maniac, apEX, KQLY
image LGB eSports: KRiMZ, twist, olofm, cype, dennis
image Complexity: n0thing, semphis, Hiko, sgares, swag
image HellRaisers: AdreN, Markeloff, ANGE1, Dosia, kucher 
image iBUYPOWER: Skadoodle, anger, DaZeD, AZK, adreN
image Vox Eminor: Havoc, AZR, TopguN, SnypeR, SPUNJ
image Neo, TaZ, byali, pasha, Snax
image 3DMAX: Pimp, gla1ve, aizy, MSL, raalz
image mousesports: chrisJ, LEGIJA, cLy, tiziaN, cadiaN
image Reason: Friis, karrigan, smF, EXR, LOMME
image Clan-Mystik: HaRts, kioShiMa, kennyS, GMX, Sf
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