ESWC 2012: Day One Coverage


This year image Electronic Sports World Cup is back with another edition and our Dota 2 team will as always take part in it! We will be sure to cover the event and supply you with all the information regarding our team and its performance.

The tournament format is the following: 2 groups each consisting of 4 teams, all games in the group stages are a best-of-one. Two teams from each group move on to playoffs where match-ups will be a best-of-three.

We are the reigning champions, can we keep our title for another year? Dota 2 matches will start tomorrow, 3rd November, at around 9:30 AM CET! Don't miss the fun, be sure to go to bed early today! :))



Official image English stream


Official image Russian stream



Updates about the event and our team:

03/11/12, 17:05 - The game three is ours and tomorrow at 9:30 CET you will see image Na`Vi.Dota 2 to defend their ESWC Champion's title in the Grand Final versus image Dignitas! Thank you for staying with us and please enjoy our newest videos and highlights made from Day 1!



image Na`Vi vs image Shiba - Game 3 picks:

Map 3: image Na`Vi : image image image image image
             image Shibaimage image image image image



03/11/12, 16:13 - Game 2 is over withing just a 16 minutes mark. Does it look like image Na`Vi.Dota 2 got angry? Let's see the decisive game three, starting just right now! 


image Na`Vi vs image Shiba - Game 2

Map 2: image Na`Vi : image image image image image
             image Shibaimage image image image image


03/11/12, 15:31 - Over an hour and it still was not enough for our team to break through image Shiba's team well start and following push attempts. While we're getting ready for game 2, image Dignitas managed to 2-0'ed image Casual Gaming and will now have some rest before the grand final tomorrow.


03/11/12, 14:20 - The first semifinal match is now live!


image Na`Vi vs image Shiba - Game 1

Map 1: image Na`Vi : image image image image image
             image Shibaimage image image image image


03/11/12, 13:00 - Round 3 goes without surprizes and image Na`Vi scores the third consequitive victory. In the semifinals we will face image Shiba Gaming aka Shakira team, the group B runner-up. This match will start just in an hour at 14:00 CET, stay tuned!


03/11/12, 12:02 - All round two matches are now over with image Dignitas pulling an solid victory against image Shiba Gaming with their Wisp + Tiny combo. Third round is starting really soon as the players are already in the game lobby, tune in to the streams!


03/11/12, 11:49 - "One Meepo to rule them all" - this is what we can say about the past match versus image B_Net as our team gets the second victory at the event and now guarantees the play-off spot. The last match versus image Imaginary for 1st/2nd in the groupstage will start shortly.


03/11/12, 10:43 -  image Na`Vi.Dota 2 wipes off the first opponent and is now about to play against Algerian team - image B_Net.


03/11/12, 09:21 - And so the first match day of ESWC is just about to start! According to the ESWC officials, the 8th team has been found for the tournament with ESWC France 3rd runner-up representative image World War Game. Meanwhile image Dignitas managed to get on time for the event and that means that the first matches will start approximately in 30 minutes or so. In the first round image Na`Vi.Dota 2 is playing against image Casual Gaming.


02/11/12, 15:58 - image Dignitas will be late for the event and they might not come in time for the Group Stage matches. Pretty unfortunate. Hopefully they arrive in time!

02/11/12, 14:55 - We also visited a notorious "BarCraft" (a bar for StarCraft fans, for those who don't know) People chill, have fun there, discuss and watch esports with friends! Video material should be up soon!

02/11/12, 14:50 - Yesterday evening our Dota 2 boys went out to have dinner together, here's the video result of the fun times:

02/11/12, 11:45 - image Polina has a pretty cool contest in store for you, check it out on our youtube page, you can win some stuff!


Grand Final (bo3) - Sunday, 9:30 AM:


image Team Dignitas vs image Natus Vincere


3rd place decider (bo3):


image Casual Gaming [0:2image Shiba Gaming (Shakira)


Semifinals (bo3):


image Natus Vincere [2:1] image Shiba Gaming (Shakira)
image Team Dignitas [2:0] image Casual Gaming


Group stage:

Group A Time (CET) Game
Team G W L     P
image Na`Vi #1 3 3 - -   9
image Casual Gaming #2 3 2 1 -   6
image B_NET 3 - 3 -   0
image Imaginary 3 1 2 -   3
Saturday, 03/11 image Na`Vi [1:0] image Casual Gaming
image Na`Vi [1:0] image B_NET
image Imaginary [1:0] image B_NET
image Na`Vi [1:0] image Imaginary
image Imaginary [0:1image Casual Gaming
image B_NET [0:1image Casual Gaming



Group B Time (CET) Game
Team G W L     P
image Dignitas #1 3 3 - -   9
image Shiba Gaming #2 3 2 1 -   6
image Scuta Gaming 3 1 2 -   3
image World War Game 3 - 3 -   0
Saturday, 03/11
image Dignitas [1:0] image Scuta Gaming
image Dignitas [1:0] image Shiba Gaming
image Scuta Gaming [0:1image Shiba Gaming
image World War Game [0:1image Shiba Gaming
image World War Game [0:1image Scuta Gaming
image World War Game [0:1image Dignitas


Team rosters:

image Natus Vincere: XBOCT, Puppey, Dendi, Smile, LigHtofHeaveN
image Dignitas: Fogged, Sneyking, Tidesoftime, Aui_2000, Waytosexy
image Scuta Gaming: Fresk, Beci, chaky, That's The Spirit, Hybrid
image Shiba Gaming: TBA
image Imaginary: TBA 
image Casual Gaming: TBA
image World War Game: TBA
image B_NET: TBA

Prize pool:

  • 1st place: 12,000$
  • 2nd place: 8,000$
  • 3rd place: image Shiba Gaming (Shakira) 5,000$
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