ESWC 2012: Day Two Coverage



After the successful run in the group stage and the semifinals, today our image Na`Vi.Dota 2 will be batteling in the Grand Final of the image Electronic Sports World Cup versus the only American representative - image Team Dignitas. Will our "born to victory" squad earn yet another achivement and defend their ESWC title or the US team will be able to pull an upset - this is what you will know in our Day Two coverage!.

Check the full tournament coverage, standings, streams and exclusive videos in the expanded newsfeed!



Official image English stream


Official image Russian stream


Updates about the event and our team:

04/11/12, 11:29 - Game 2 goes to our team and that means image Na`Vi.Dota 2 makes the double at the ESWC 2012 for the triple Dota 2 world champions trophy! Congratulations to the boys and stay tuned for post-tournament interviews and videos.


04/11/12, 10:39 - Game 1 is ours and we're about to start the second map:


Map 2image Na`Vi                    :  image image image image image
             image Dignitas               :  image image image image image


04/11/12, 09:52 - PUUUUUUUUUUUUUDGE! The first match of the grand final has now started!


image Na`Vi vs image Dignitas

Game 1: image Na`Vi: image image image image image
            image Dignitasimage image image image image


04/11/12, 09:30 - The Grand Final match is about to start, meanwhile please check our Day One coverage and YouTube channel for lots of the content we made from the first day!


Interview with Na`Vi.Dendi (click CC for English subs):



Interview with Dignitas.Tideoftime




Other in-game videos from the tournament:






Grand Final (bo3):


image Team Dignitas [0:2image Natus Vincere


3rd place decider (bo3):


image Casual Gaming [0:2image Shiba Gaming (Shakira)


Semifinals (bo3):


image Natus Vincere [2:1] image Shiba Gaming (Shakira)
image Team Dignitas [2:0] image Casual Gaming


Group stage:


Group A Time (CET) Game
Team G W L     P
image Na`Vi #1 3 3 - -   9
image Casual Gaming #2 3 2 1 -   6
image B_NET 3 - 3 -   0
image Imaginary 3 1 2 -   3
Saturday, 03/11 image Na`Vi [1:0] image Casual Gaming
image Na`Vi [1:0] image B_NET
image Imaginary [1:0] image B_NET
image Na`Vi [1:0] image Imaginary
image Imaginary [0:1image Casual Gaming
image B_NET [0:1image Casual Gaming



Group B Time (CET) Game
Team G W L     P
image Dignitas #1 3 3 - -   9
image Shiba Gaming #2 3 2 1 -   6
image Scuta Gaming 3 1 2 -   3
image World War Game 3 - 3 -   0
Saturday, 03/11
image Dignitas [1:0] image Scuta Gaming
image Dignitas [1:0] image Shiba Gaming
image Scuta Gaming [0:1image Shiba Gaming
image World War Game [0:1image Shiba Gaming
image World War Game [0:1image Scuta Gaming
image World War Game [0:1image Dignitas


Team rosters:

image Natus Vincere: XBOCT, Puppey, Dendi, Smile, LigHtofHeaveN
image Dignitas: Fogged, Sneyking, Tidesoftime, Aui_2000, Waytosexy

Prize pool:

  • 1st place: image Natus Vincere - 12,000$
  • 2nd place: image Team Dignitas - 8,000$
  • 3rd place: image Shiba Gaming (Shakira) - 5,000$
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