IEM 6 World Championship coverage - Day




Goooooood morning and let's get ready for the rumble as it is just in 30 minutes image Natus Vincere will take on image Lions in Intel Extreme Masters 6 World Championship! The match will decide the finalist of the tournament that will meet the winner of other today's match of image ESC Gaming vs image SK Gaming so stay tuned for some hot Counter-Strike action.

As always we will continue to provide you with the exclusive content from CeBIT, Hannover, such as videos, highlights, photogalleries and demos so do not miss to update the page regularly. The stream will also be available in the expanded newsfeed.



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image Lions [1:2image Natus Vincere

1 map: [06:16] @ dust2

2 map: [16:07] @ tuscan

3 map: [03:16] @ inferno


image SK Gaming [1:2] image ESC Gaming

1 map: [14:16] @ nuke

2 map: [16:11] @ mirage

3 map: [14:16] @ train


3rd place decider:

image Lions [2:1] image SK Gaming

1 map: [02:16] @ mirage

2 map: [16:07] @ inferno

3 map: [16:09] @ nuke


Videosection (turn on CC for English subtitles):








Highlights by sCOPe:









image Natus Vincere: markeloff, Edward, starix, Zeus, ceh9
image ESC Gaming: pasha, kuben, Loord, Neo, TaZ
image SK Gaming: GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, trace, face, RobbaN
image Lions: FYRR73, niko, zneel, kHRYSTAL, threat




1 place: $50,000
2 place: $20,000
3 place: image Lions - $8,000
4 place: image SK Gaming$3,800
5-6 place: image Moscow Fiveimage fnatic- $2,800
7-8 place: image TyLoo, image WinFakt - $2,200
9-10 place: image mousesports, image semXorah - $2,100
11-12 place: image Anexis, image Electronic Sahara - $2,000

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#1 1 June 2012, 03:04
I think some sort of rebalancing act is neeedd. Taht's too much for storm to handle, way too gimmicky now. I think that's a common view now too. Agree?BTW, guys check out my vid. I added one on a hacked retail promo for Starcraft II, and you get a full game in a box for free. I've gotten 3 so far, easy sell on egay.
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#2 1 June 2012, 14:22
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#3 3 June 2012, 07:14
jGQOZd jvwtrisptsqq
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