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Welcome at the IEM6 World Championship! For the last two seasons image Natus Vincere won the championship twice and today they will start  the road once again to defend yet another title. For the next 5 days we will be providing you with the most recent updates from Hannover, so stay tuned and enjoy the action here at!


Tournament system: Today Group A will play all their matches while Group B games will start tomorrow. Full schedule and stream is available in the expanded newsfeed.




Photogallery 1: pre-IEM, arrival


















Team G W T L P
image Natus Vincere #2  5  3  1  1  10
image SK Gaming #1  5  4  1    13
image TyLoo  5  3    2  9
image ESC Gaming #3  5  3    2  9
image Anexis  5      5  0
image Mousesports  5  1    5  3


Schedule (CET):
image mouz [09:16image ESC Gaming @ de_tuscan
image SK [15:15] image Na`Vi @ de_inferno
image Tyloo [16:11] image Anexis @ de_train
image mouz [14:16]  image Na`Vi @ de_inferno
image Tyloo [06:16image ESC Gaming @ de_nuke
image SK [16:06] image Anexis @ de_forge
image SK [16:12]  image mouz @ de_forge
image Anexis [09:16image ESC Gaming @ de_tuscan
image TyLoo [16:06] image Na`Vi @ de_dust2
image SK [16:04]  image ESC Gaming @ de_train
image Anexis [14:16]  image Na`Vi @ de_inferno
image Tyloo [16:13]  image mouz @ de_inferno
image ESC [14:16image Na`Vi @ de_tuscan
image mouz [16:02]  image Anexis @ de_interno
image SK  [16:04]  image Tyloo @ de_train
image Natus Vincere: markeloff, Edward, starix, Zeus, ceh9
image SK Gaming: GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, trace, face, RobbaN
image ESC Gaming: pasha, kuben, Loord, Neo, TaZ
image mousesports: roman, karrigan, zonic, gob b, zonixx
image TyLoo: Savage, xf, tb, Mo, KingZ
image Anexis: SFM, zE-, Snappi, BERRY, Nuggi
image WinFakt: BASiC, H^N, aslak, allu, lurppis
image Lions: FYRR73, niko, zneel, kHRYSTAL, threat
image Moscow Five: ROMJkE, ed1k, Dosia, Fox, xek
image fnatic: Friis, cArn, Xizt, Gux, MODDII
image semXorah: FalleN, fnx, bit, felippe, nak
image Electronic Sahara: drizzer, HaRts, MAJ3R, atLaNtis, nota
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