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Welcome everyone at the second day of Intel Extreme Masters 6 World Championship where group B is to play. As you may know, yesterday Natus Vincere managed to battle through the group of death and join the play off as Group A runner-up. So today we will hav a lot of time to do the interviews and enjoy the action, stay with us!




Day One coverage

IEM 6 WC Photogallery - 6th of March

IEM 6 WC Photogallery - 5th of March
















Day Two photogallery:




12:15 CETimage Natus Vincere vs image fnatic
12:15 CET - image Moscow 5 vs image ESC Gaming


Group B:


Team G W T L +/- P
image Moscow Five #2 5 3 1 1   10
image fnatic #3 5 3   2   9
image Lions #1 5 4   1   12
image semXorah 5 1   4   3
image WinFakt 5 2 2 1   8
image eSahara   1 4   1


Day two schedule (CET):
image Lions [06:16image fnatic @ de_mirage
image WinFakt [16:05] image semXorah @ de_nuke
image Moscow Five [16:14] image eSahara @ de_nuke
image WinFakt [16:03] image fnatic @ de_tuscan
image Moscow Five [16:09] image semXorah @ de_nuke
image Lions [16:07] image eSahara @ de_nuke
image WinFakt [15:15] image Moscow Five @ de_nuke
image fnatic [16:08] image eSahara @ de_nuke
image Lions [16:12] image semXorah @ de_nuke
image WinFakt [15:15] image eSahara @ de_tuscan
image Lions [16:08] image Moscow Five @ de_mirage
image fnatic [16:14] image semXorah @ de_inferno
image WinFakt [09:16image Lions @ de_nuke
image Moscow Five [16:09] image fnatic @ de_inferno
image semXorah [16:12] image eSahara @ de_inferno
image Natus Vincere: markeloff, Edward, starix, Zeus, ceh9
image SK Gaming: GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, trace, face, RobbaN
image ESC Gaming: pasha, kuben, Loord, Neo, TaZ
image mousesports: roman, karrigan, zonic, gob b, zonixx
image TyLoo: Savage, xf, tb, Mo, KingZ
image Anexis: SFM, zE-, Snappi, BERRY, Nuggi
image WinFakt: BASiC, H^N, aslak, allu, lurppis
image Lions: FYRR73, niko, zneel, kHRYSTAL, threat
image Moscow Five: ROMJkE, ed1k, Dosia, Fox, xek
image fnatic: Friis, cArn, Xizt, Gux, MODDII
image semXorah: FalleN, fnx, bit, felippe, nak
image Electronic Sahara: drizzer, HaRts, MAJ3R, atLaNtis, nota
06.03 - Group А matches
07.03 - Group B matches
08.03 - Quarterfinals
09.03 - Semifinals and 3rd place decider
10.03 - The Grand Final
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