Proscene about Dota 2 squad disband


The disband of the legendary Dota 2 squad of Ukraine Natus Vincere has become the most discussed event in eSports community and outside lately. We collected the opinions of many well-known people about this event.


The first is Ukraine Natus Vincere's former player Ukraine Alexander "XBOCT" Dashkevich, who acted as a carry of the team for almost 5 years:



The caster Ukraine Vitaliy "V1lat" Volochay and analyst Russian Federation Yaroslav "NS" Kuznetsov wished good luck to the player.


gl, bro


Yaroslav Kuznetsov also shared his opinion on the future of Dota 2 in the CIS:


Navi disbanded dota squad. It was expected, but too abrupt. Good luck Dendi and Xboct

The disappear of natusvincere is a serious strike to the popularity of dota in the CIS. We don't need it, so, we're waiting for the announcements!


One of the main statisticians of Noxville, provided interesting statistics for Dota 2:



Meanwhile Ukraine Oleg "prb" Bulavko shared 3 facts about the team:


By the way, Natus Vincere Dota 2 squad existed for almost 5 years (minus 6 days).

Second fact: it was XBOCT, who was in Dota 2 squad for 5 YEARS (minus 6 days)! Sasha, thank you very much for everything!

Fact three: Natus Vincere changed 6 managers and 6 captains over 5 years, if we take into account ZeroGravity and Dendi.


Here's the reaction of the team's former players Russian Federation Dmitry "LightOfHeaven" Kupriyanov, Ukraine Artur "Goblak" Kostenko and Belarus Artem "fng" Barshak:


It was expected. Navi disbanded dota 2 squad


The situation was gradually evolving towards it. One question remains: will NAVI create new squad? Maybe we will see the young squad : )



The casters expressed their emotions very overtly over the decision of Ukraine Natus Vincere.


I was writing an article about team ratings. I can't delete Navi from this article. Feels like shit.

It's high time! Everyone is free, I think : )
Murs_uncle wrote:  @v1lat We wait for the rebirth of DTS!! ))

New achievements are ahead. They might be greater than the previous ones. Good luck!

Yes, guys, this is the end of the epoch. However, where one legend ends, starts the new legend.

I'd watch the final of the first TI

thanks for the emotions, crazy finals cast by v`lat roaring like a bear #pioneers

guys, I just.... opened a school for casters, wanna join? O_ooo


English-speaking casters expressed their emotions over the disband of Dota 2 squad of Ukraine Natus Vincere.



David decided to recall one of the brightest moments of Dota 2 history, The International 2012:




Sweden Alliance player Sweden Loda also commented the event.



The representatives of many eSports organizations wrote about it. Russian Federation Vega Squadron decided to ruin the rumors.


I think that Navi disband is rather psychological move, rather than practical decision. There will be a reload and many familiar faces again.




The representatives of D2CL decided to question their subscribers about the brightest memory related to Ukraine Na`Vi:



The creators of videos about Dota 2, Pyrion Flax and Bad Playa., showman ReDeYe and manager of MarsTV — each of them expressed the feelings about their loss.



Hexor and NoobFromUA showed their works about the team and the players.



A Tribute to Na`Vi.Dota 2


Dota 2 — A Tribute to Na`Vi.Dendi



Na`Vi Dota 2 Memories


The last, but not the least is Reddit: the readers of Dota 2 sections turned into  players of Ukraine Na`Vi. Very moving.


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#1 ua Eloveana 19 October 2015, 09:54
cry me a river....
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#2 ph kylebaird10 19 October 2015, 17:37
Dendi is my favorite player , it is truly sad for me to know that the best team in the world disbands

Dendi pls regroup Na'vi , ur name is for Na'vi and should never be with another team :'(
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