LoL: New contract rules


Before the beginning of LCS fourth season, Riot Games plan to introduce changes in the contract rules for team owners in North America and EU leagues.


Riot Games are cooperating with teams owners with a view of creating new rules for the contracts between eSports organization and players. The first change to be introduce is contract duration, which is planned to be limited to three years (the longest contract duration outside the league was reported as 10 years). The second change is the establishment of minimal compensation for sub players per year (as per moment only several organizations pay salary to their subs). Furthermore, the non-compete clause is planned to be eliminated, while players will obtain opportunity to terminate the contract, if their team is excluded from LCS due to rules violation.


"While we want to encourage the stability of team rosters in LCS, we believe contracts extending beyond three years at this point in time are not healthy for players or teams given the rapid growth of the League. In addition to helping players seek a fair market value, we also believe that long-term contracts are open to abuse when teams have no responsibility to pay them or keep them on the Active Roster. As a result, we’re looking to cap LCS contracts at 3-year maximums," — commented Riot Games representatives in an official announcement.



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