Na`Vi's most unfavorable opponents


There is an opinion in traditional sports that a great team should not care who to play with. However, e-sports is a bit different. Sometimes the result here depends on a combination of circumstances. A player could get up on the wrong side of the bed, be in the wrong box or feel sick, and bullets could just barely miss the target. Our CS:GO squad should be familiar with it, as they sometimes meet very inconvenient opponents.



Polish team PolandGamers2 has only been on the pro scene from February 2015. However, they’ve already managed to wreck UkraineNa`Vi’s nerves. Latest encounters only suggest that this team is never easy for Na`Vi. 2 out of 4 times the team tied. And only once each respective squad got away with a victory. Even though Gamers2 is not included to a world class teams, being a strong mid-tier team, these guys still know how to play versus Natus Vincere pretty well. Either our team doesn’t organize themselves properly or the Poles indeed know Na`Vi’s playstyle inside out.


Latest encounters:
PolandGamers2 VS UkraineNatus Vincere
  • 16:8 | SLTV StarSeries XIII Finals
  • 0:2 (10:16, 9:16) | Counter Pit League
  • 1:1 (16:10, 2:16) | CEVO Professional Season 7
  • 1:1 (16:13, 7:16) | GO Champions League Season 1


The history of UkraineNatus Vincere and rivalry has been going on for many years. Teams’ rosters change, but the principle of the struggle stays: when Na`Vi and VP play, it is never boring. After all, there are derbies in ice hockey. Similarly, there are games in CS:GO, which go beyond casual encounters. For instance, Swedenfnatic vs SwedenNiP matchups are considered to be extremely emotional. and Natus Vincere don’t fall behind their Swedish colleagues and show everyone immensely intense struggle every time. However, more recently VP have dominated over Na`Vi. If we look at the 10 previous matches between these two teams, we’ll see that Na`Vi were the ones to win only twice. VP celebrated their victory 6 times, while other games were drawn. Deriving conclusions is up to managers and players, of course, but it is clearly hard to play versus teams, which play consistently and do not make mistakes. Nobody stands out in, everyone is at one with each other. Thus, you can win against them, as proved by other squads, but you can only do so if you are playing cohesively and altogether. Unfortunately, Natus Vincere don’t always succeed in doing so.

Latest encounters: VS UkraineNatus Vincere
  • 2:0 (19:17, 25:22) | Gfinity Masters #2
  • 1:1 (8:16, 19:17) | Counter Pit League Season 1
  • 16:6 | ESL ESEA Pro League
  • 16:2 | FACEIT League 2015
  • 16:8 | ESL ESEA Pro League




Swedish squad Swedenfnatic is undoubtedly the best team in the world, considering the number of trophies and their current skill level. Therefore, this team seems to be the most unfavorable one to play against. All of fnatic are great masters of the game. It is hard to play versus them, since they don’t let anyone get away with mistakes. You have to play on the edge to be able to compete with them. Sometimes UkraineNatus Vincere put up a fight. The Swedes once even said Na`Vi were the least convenient for them, because our team plays unconventionally. Nevertheless, our guys don’t succeed versus fnatics too often. From the 10 past encounters, only 2 were won by Na`Vi. Though, the statistics is easy to explain: fnatic are unreachable for the other teams as well.


Latest encounters:
Swedenfnatic VS UkraineNatus Vincere
  • 2:0 | Gfinity Masters #2
  • 16:12 | ESL ESEA Pro League
  • 2:0 | Fragbite Masters 4 CS:GO
  • 16:5 | FACEIT League 2015
  • 16:9 | ESL ESEA Pro League


FranceTitan eSports


Titans have everything help in place by two monsters, namely apEX and kennyS. These two are capable of outplaying anyone, should they get in the zone. As it happens, apEX и KennyS prove themselves the most in games with UkraineNatus Vincere. FranceTitan eSports playstyle seems to be soothing for our team. Titans generally play it slowly, they start out from frags and circumstances, leaving first move to the opponent. Recently this French team has been causing a lot of troubles for Na`Vi. Out of 5 games, we won only 2, with one victory on extra time. Therefore, Titan eSports definitely belongs amongst the least favorable opponents for our team.


Latest encounters:
FranceTitan VS UkraineNatus Vincere
  • 16:19 | ESL ESEA Pro League
  • 16:11 | ESL ESEA Pro League
  • 1:1 | CEVO Professional Season 7
  • 3:16 | FACEIT League 2015
  • 16:10 | FACEIT League 2015


DenmarkTeam SoloMid


DenmarkTeam SoloMid has never been as frequent as an opponent, compared to other top teams. first of all, TSM don’t participate in every single tournament. And when they do, they almost automatically become favorites for the event. They are probably the only team to compete with Swedenfnatic as an equal. TSM’s playstyle is much similar to the one of FranceTitan.But while the French depend heavily on their leaders, the Danes contribute to the game altogether. TSM don’t like to force the issues, carefully disintegrating their opponent. UkraineNatus Vincere’s history with this team is better than the one with fantic. The usual 10 game statistics is 6-4 in TSM’s favor. Though, they have become a difficult opponent only lately, because Na`Vi lost 4 out of 5 last games with them. Moreover, the score was always something like 16:14.


Latest encounters:


DenmarkTSM  VS UkraineNatus Vincere


  • 2:1 (6:16, 16:8, 16:13) | FACEIT League 2015
  • 16:9 | ESL ESEA Pro League
  • 16:14 | ESL ESEA Pro League
  • 16:6 | FACEIT League 2015
  • 14:16 | FACEIT League 2015


We have counted the most unfavorable teams to play with for Na`Vi, using statistics and game analysis. Perhaps, any team has such opponents, who are hard to deal with. Competition in CS:GO is so huge, that any top squad can easily be added to this list. Nevertheless, we are trying are best to shorten this list for us. 

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