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Russian Federation Andrew "PSM" Dunaev was elected as the captain of Ukraine Natus Vincere soon after The International 2015. Before joining Natus Vincere "PSM" used to be the captain of Russian Federation Yellow Submarine. They won the TI 5 open qualifiers with his leadership, fighting against all odds, and were only knocked out of the European qualifiers by Natus Vincere. PSM became famous for his unusual and wacky drafts which caught other teams by surprise and for which they didn’t prepare. He hyped the Natus Vincere vs Yellow Submarine game by picking Pudge and also taking first blood by killing Ukraine Dendi’s Queen of Pain.


PSM started his career with Ukraine Kompas Gaming, which later converted into Russian Federation HellRaisers. Many Dota 2 experts and analysts believe that one of the main reason Yellow Submarine was able to win Open qualifiers was because of his drafting skills. PSM himself has been described as a very strict captain, who can hopefully keep the team in line and play on the strength of the players with his unorthodox drafting. Following are some of the statistics of his career:


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#1 lt BELYVinPSM 30 September 2015, 06:25
PSM is a very nice addition, keep training guys, we belive!
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