Pub crashing with Na`Vi.G2A #11


International Natus Vincere G2A were on a bootcamp in Kyiv, practicing and shaping their new team. At their free time they enjoy playing pub games. Today we'll take a look at how the Born to Win defeat their rivals in matchmaking.


We'll start with the captain of International Na`Vi Sweden Pajkatt, who played on a popular hero of pro scene, Lifestealer. There are solid grounds of the hero's high pick rate: he's got powerful abilities, nice animation to last hit creeps and he's very useful from early game. In the replay below enemy Spectre could do nothing against Lifestealer's power.



Ember Spirit has become one of the most popular heroes of the patch due to the introduction of the very powerful talent at level 10 +15 % to magical damage. The support of the Born to Win Germany rmN- decided to test Ember Spirit with Veil of DiscordRadiance and Mjolnir.



Troll Warlord used to be a real danger both in pubs and competitive games. However the nerfs made him weaker. This doesn't mean the hero is useless anymore. In a replay below Germany rmN- shows how to make the warlord efficient and defeat enemies.



Despite the nerf of Outworld Devourer in several patches, the hero remains a good pick for the midlane. When you have Faceless Void in your team, stealing intelligence and killing opponents is even easier a task. Ukraine Dendi proves it and makes Ultra-kill in the end of the game.



Our new player Denmark Biver impressed everyone with his outstanding performance on Rubick. What's even more amazing about him, is that he sticks to support roles in pubs, opting to grow as a support. Below is a splendid play of Biver on a support hero.


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