Crashing pubs with Na`Vi.G2A


Today's episode of Crashing pubs with Na`Vi.G2A is dedicated to the heroes picked for the midlaner of Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A Ukraine Danil "Dendi" Ishutin. You must be aware of the broadness of Dend's hero pool. Let's take a look at his mastership again.



Tinker is one of the most favourite and heroes of Ukraine Dendi. He's an often pick too. Our player has perfect command of the hero. Pay attention to the artifacts choice: the combo of Bloodstone and Soul Ring is a rare yet interesting choice. Double Rampage was the final line of the game.



One of the strongest heroes of the current patch, Timbersaw can be a very dangerous rival, but unexperienced players can face problems actualizing his potential. With his great experience, Danil can make the hero shine bright in the match.



IT'S PUDGE TIME! Unfortunately, rarely do we see Ukraine Dendi's signature hero in pro matches these days. That is why Ukraine Na`Vi mid-laner plays the hero in pubs. And this is something worth seeing!



The last, but not the least is Morphling — an unusual pick for Dania. Well, nonetheless, Ukraine Dendi finished the game with spectacular Rampage and 18/0/6. Exciting!

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