Crashing pubs with Na`Vi G2A - Ep. 6


Welcome to a new episode of “Pub Crashing”, a series in which we share the latest highlights of our players in their public games. This time you'll see both Ukraine Danil “Dendi” Ishutin and Ukraine Viktor “GeneRaL” Nigrini bringing Magnus into play, along with some other heroes which we think you may like. 



Watch our team’s amiable midlaner take the reins of mid yet again, this time with the help of Magnus and an Echo Sabre - the tactics he opted for several times in competitive games and which worked out perfectly this time as well.



Ukraine GeneRaL, on the other hand, demonstrated the strength of a midlane Mirana, as he helped his team get enough farm and destroy the enemy’s Ancient despite all the challenges.



In Ukraine Dendi's Clinkz game we witnessed the true power of excellent teamwork with each member pushing himself to the limit and doing his utmost to take the win. Our player, for one, did a commendable job scoring 17 kills over the course of the match.



Next up, Ukraine GeneRaL showcased his prowess on Magnus finishing the game with a fantastic score of 16 kills, 1 death and 20 assists. 



Blink Dagger as one of the first items for your Juggernaut  - how do you like that? Ukraine GeneRaL took the risk and it totally paid off! 



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