Crashing pubs with Na`Vi G2A - Ep. 9


The new year brings new Dota 2 adventures to Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A. As is custom, in a new episode of "Pubs crashing" we will be taking a look at some of the most recent matchmaking games of our players. Ukraine Danil “Dendi” Ishutin for one was especially successful in this regard, as he was often able to lead the teams he played for to victory. 
We will start with Danil’s game on Ember Spirit – this hero has to exert early pressure to obtain needed advantage and win later into the game. That was exactly the play style which Dendi chose: by minute 15 he was able to get 8 frags, and it was just the matter of time when the ancient would have been destroyed.


Dendi knows how to get into the middle of the team fight and decimate all the enemies around! His Storm Spirit has become a lethal weapon against the enemy lineup who could get absolutely nothing going against him.



In the video below, you will see Danil’s Templar Assasin who has managed to score a frightening 30 KDA. There’s no doubt that the player couldn’t have scored this result without the help of his teammates, but the role which Dendi played was certainly immense. 



What hero is Monkey King’s toughest enemy? The right answer is… Timbersaw! Dendi utilized the character’s ability to take down trees and prevented the newly introduced hero from unleashing his fullest potential.



Next up comes a special New Year episode featuring Dendi’s amazing Invoker. The game was intense, but the player was able to secure the win for his team nonetheless.



Sadly, despite having quite a wide range of useful skills Shadow Fiend has been a rare guest in professional matches. Danil illustrated how powerful the hero may be with his spectacular Rampage at the end of the game. 



The last video in our today’s episode features our hardlaner Ukraine Viktor “GeneRaL” Nigrini and his signature Mirana: despite a shaky start, the player was able to quickly rectify the situation and eventually secure a win. 


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