Puppey about the match versus It's GoSu


image Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov gained popularity while playing for image mouz eSports and image KS.Int. His innovative approach and unexpected picks instantaneously won the heart of public. Despite the world scene has already entered the brand new level, he never gives up pleasing us with interesting strategies and tactics. Every time image Natus Vincere fans expect this hot Estonian guy to prepare something delicious for dessert. So that's why the match with image It’s GoSu didn’t leave anyone unfazed.


The 14th of March was a day which gave birth to one of the most epic matches in DotA 2 history. Many people were surprised by Na`Vi picks, so we asked Clement to make the situation clear.

Hello, Clement. Congratulations on your victory in today's matches. But let's talk about the game vs It's Gosu, which pleased and surprised us at the same time.
Hey, thanks. Okay, I don’t mind :)
In the first game Na `Vi took five heroes and none of them was a full-fledged carry. What was your plan? Did you want to complete the game quickly? Or you tested the new strategy?
I wanted to take heroes that were both strong enough to demolish the towers and had good AOE. Frankly speaking, I think that Vengeful Spirit and Furion are very good carry-heroes.
Well, let’s assume you are right. Are you satisfied with ‘this idea’?
Not really. I don’t like the way we played. Some of our players bought unnecessary items. In general, heroes would have fit us, if we had not made so many mistakes.
In the second game you made one kill in 30 minutes. Na`Vi Style assumes a shape of New Na`Vi Style?
Certainly not. I’m testing new strategies and picks. 
Perhaps for this reason many viewers felt that Na `Vi didn’t take the match with It's Gosu seriously. What can you say about it?
Come on! Did Earthshaker's Midas confuse you? :D Na`Vi tries to play seriously at all the online tournaments. However we hate them because of eternal delays, lags, downloads, pauses and things like that that causes our online losses. So sometimes we just play for fun.
I see. Online battles are a bit little different from the actual ones, but I still wonder which DotA2 team is your most dangerous foe?
I suppose that all the teams are in the excellent shape at the moment: coL, NEXT.kz, Quantic, EG, Gosu, aL, CLG, mTw, WW, Dignitas, mouz, Darer, EG… No one can be easily defeated.

Thank you. Good luck in the following matches. Any thanks / shootouts?

Thanks to everyone who support us and believe in us. It really makes us stronger! Thanks to our sponsors Antec, Steelseries and Kingston.


For those who missed Na `Vi.DotA2 vs It's Gosu, or want to watch it again – here you go.




Thanks to all. Have a nice viewing!

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#1 16 March 2012, 12:18
puppey played in mouz? r u serious?
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#2 1 June 2012, 02:32
First off, I completely agree with Tom on this one. If you're loiokng for the answer to a question where literally 5 of the first 10 search results have the correct answer, then it doesn't need to be here. However, there are a large number of answers (on wikipedia or elsewhere) which are largely incomplete. Just because an answer exists else where doesn't mean its the best answer, or even the right one. My advice would be: be careful when closing these questions. Mar 4 at 17:12
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