Q&A Event Session 1

We are happy to inform you that MoreDota.Com and navi-gaming.com have decided to partner up and organize a question / answer event together where we will reward you guys with 3x Na`Vi orjinal uniform.

MoreDota.Com and navi-gaming.com will choice the best 10 questions and Na`Vi players will answer. We will reward the owner of the 3 best question with 3x Na`Vi orjinal uniform.


  1. Register on MoreDota.Com and Edit your profile (IMPORTANT: Avatar, Country, etc.).
  2. Like us on Facebook (DOTA).
  3. Choose one of the Na`Vi player that you want ask your question.
  4. Ask your question here.

Here is an example of question. "Puppey Where did you learn to play dota?".

IMPORTANT Please note that you can leave only 1 (READ ONE) comment post here below, so anyone that does a double entry will be automatically disqualified.

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