StarLadder Invitational S3: The first victory!


Only recently we have announced our new Dota 2 roster and today was the first time we got to see the team in action! SlarLadder Invitational S3 saw UkraineNatus Vinvere G2A play the first Bo3 against InternationalGambit. In the end of the series, we have defeated the opponent 2:0, advancing to the next stage.

UkraineNatus Vincere G2A[1:0] InternationalGambit

Game 1


We started off on the Radiant side of the map, with Zeus Zeus - Kunkka Kunkka duo mid lane initially, to help deal with the pressure of the opposing Io Io - Tiny Tiny combo. The First Blood was drawn 7 minutes into the game, as Razor Razor fell to UkraineGeneRaL. Only a couple minutes later, we saw the first tower of the game taken down by UkraineCrystallize with a Time Walk Time Walk to snatch it at the last moment from the deny. As we transitioned from the laning phase, both our safelane core and mid player were sitting comfortably on top of the net worth chart, and kills happening all over the map, enabling us to snowball.


As the game went on, Beastmaster Beastmaster was the one to create opportunities for kills on the map, getting better items and higher net worth, soon surpassing everyone on the map. A couple of good pickoffs enabled us to cement our advantage, and go for Roshan, which was successfully claimed by Faceless Void Faceless Void. There was little at this point the opponent could offer to stop our progression, as we were getting pickoffs, amassing the artifacts and damage. Nonetheless, the opponent managed to take the first Tier 3 on our bottom lane, yet we followed the suit soon after, taking mid and top lane completely, with a single lane left. Soon after that, the final teamfight happened, after which InternationalGambit  called GG, giving us the first game of the series.


Game 1 endgame stats


UkraineNatus Vincere G2A [2:0]InternationalGambit

Game 2

The first blood of the game was spilled in the middle lane, with enemy Medusa Medusa killing Night Stalker Night Stalker, to have it followed up by a kill for UkraineDendi. This signaled the beginning of the early aggression for both teams, as heroes were traded all over the map. In general, though, we were securing favorable conditions for ourselves. 10 minutes in, we had Queen of Pain Queen of Pain and Chaos Knight Chaos Knight on top of the chart. This trend continued further, as we kept finding good trades for ourselves, making sure the cores are dying as little as possible.


A series of pickoffs made it possible for UkraineNatus Vincere to claim Roshan, which enabled more aggressive play style. Ultimately, it resulted in double teamwipe of the enemy team, which gave us even more snowball power. More and more items were coming online, with not much response from the opponent. The game became rather static, with the last teamfight spelling the end of the series, as we 2-0'ed the opponent to advance to the next stage.


Game 2 scoreboard

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Gold 18 Respect 3
#1 ro FenRoyEr 12 September 2017, 19:32
you did perfect job guys,loved to watch the matches.good luck for next quali matches.just hope hvost did not talk to players during matches because in tournaments it is not possible.
Gold 0 Respect 1
#2 id MrKoko 13 September 2017, 12:28
Good job, guys. But you still need a cleaner execution.
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