R8 Revolver: Tactics and Tips


Valve has introduced the latest addition to the Counter-Strike arsenal: The R8 Revolver. This state-of-the-art hand cannon can replace the classic Deagle as your fifth pistol option. Costing a hefty $850, this weapon is redefining anti-Eco. It features an 8-shot chamber with a single reload and while that certainly is a low amount of ammo, the firepower well outweighs the ammo drawback. This mini-cannon is capable of dealing around 84 damage to an opponent  in one shot. It has two main functions, the first being the right-click: an inaccurate fast shot that deals around 84 damage (post-nerf) when hitting the midsection and up. The second and more unique function is the left click: after a .4 second delay, the gun will fire dealing the same damage to any target hit, but at a startlingly accurate rate. This gun poses a challenging new way to look at Eco rounds as well as anti-Eco. There is a number of tips and tricks that can be used with the R8 Revolver.

The Double Tap

As stated, the Revolver has two main functions: left and right click. When combined in rapid succession on longer range targets, this gun can be compared to the awp. The idea is that you would first fire a left click charged shot to deal around 95-99 damage to your long-range target. After firing the first shot you would then immediately right click to rapidly fire a second shot to follow up with the kill. If landing both shots, this gun can 100-0 an enemy at any range.

The Jump Shot

Another feature of the R8 Revolver is its jumping accuracy. While jumping, if you time a charge shot to fire at the peak of your jump, the gun will land with perfect accuracy (with respect to RNG). This makes for strong plays on any map, for example the A bomb site on Dust 2. If coming from CT spawn, the player can jump and peek into the site to pick off any opponent attempting to plant or defuse the bomb.


A new unique feature of the Revolver is a new sticker animation. If you place a sticker on the spinning chamber of the gun, the sticker will rotate with the chamber. The implications of this are enormous. Just imagining the possibilities of the stickers being kinetic rather than static images on a gun is an exciting prospect that could bring in large amounts of sticker revenue for Valve.


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