EMS One: Review

Raidcall EMS One came to an end as well as the test of the new DotA2-roster. After failing big time at Techlabs Cup Moscow 2013, the team should have answered the question of all Na`Vi's fans & haters: "Will the new roster prove themselves strong or not?" As we can see, the answer to that is quite positive.

We landed in Poland on Friday's evening, 19 of April. The took the Kiev-Katowice flight of WizzAir. There were DotA2-guys, Alexander "ZeroGravity" Kohanovsky, Vitaly "v1lat" Volochaev, Ivan "Faker" Demkin, and me (Xeo). Together, we had a dinner in the Angelo hotel and then talked to the organizers and some other players. XBOCT had the most fun talking to the waitresses in pseudo-Poland language and trolling Tobi. You can check out the linguistic skills of our hard-carry in the video below:


The first match was to start at 8 p.m. local time, so the players had enough time to get a good sleep and rest. In my turn, I had the time to make an overview of the venue as well as the highlights of day one. The tourney itself was held right in the conference hall of the hotel which was, on one side, very convenient for the players and the reporters, but on the other side caused some trouble for the organizers. For example, there just wasn't enough room for everything: the main hall had a mini-studio with English-speaking casters, a prac-zone with 10 PC's, the main stage, and the spectator area with a maximum of 30 seats. It wasn't really all that bad, but it looked like it was some kind of 'home game' event, especially comparing to IEM Katowice in League of Legends with their 50k audience. But it's probably not too wise to compare the main ESL tournament with EMS One, so we won't.

The match against Fnatic turned out to be suspiciously easy: 0 towers lost in the first game, 0 deaths in the second one. It seemed that even the players of Na`Vi were quite surprised with such a result, let alone Fnatic guys. The previous match between mouz and Alliance (ex-No Tidehunter) was pretty similar. The Germans came out on top, by the way. As Alex confessed later, they wanted really bad to defeat not only Loda and the company, but also kick some Na`Vi's butt as well, just to prove KuroKy wrong and show him that mouz are strong without him. As you remember, they failed to do so: Kuro proved his royal legacy, sending mouz packing.



Right after the game we decided to go for a walk around the city to get a snack. Having fit into 2 taxis with lonely Tobi we headed towards the center of Saturday's Katowice - the sin city. We were pretty surprised there was nowhere to eat as early as 1 a.m. The only public places running were some pubs and "parlor houses". Since we had our dose of pleasure after the match versus fnatic, we were forced to enjoy the kebabs in the 24/7 cafeteria.




The next game against mouz were more intense than the previous one despite the score. No matter how you put it, it's always hard to fight against Phantom Lancer, especially if someone as good as Black is trying to farm his way to the victory with it. Nevertheless, our guys managed to jump over their own heads and to find a cure for "cancerlancer". What's the secret? Stimulants, of course! I won't talk much about the second game here, you've seen it all by yourselves: Nyx, Juggernaut, Storm Spirit, and #TacticalRocketDodge - say "Hi" to CIS-final...

...which started with an epic fail in 17 minutes with 0-7 score in the first game. Natus Vincere overthought themselves in terms of strategy: Funn1k used a bear in 4 pools instead of just 2. Then 2 more pools of creeps were added there too... As a result, this massive crowd rushed straight to the fountain destroying two towers along the way and kicking some butts of Bane and Magnus. Sure thing, RoX.KiS were quick to take advantage of the situation and lock their victory. As opposed to some foreign teams, Natus Vincere decided to make things fast and wrote "gg" after another unsuccessful fight. As we were told by XBOCT later, the team had been practicing this kind of a pool, but only with 1-2 packs. "What does this fact tell us?" - Darth Vader might ask. "Don't be so greedy!" - I will reply :)



"Take bear and pull the creeps"

The rest of the match went according to The International 2 when Na`Vi were crushed by iG in the semifinal of the winners bracket, but then pulled themselves together and won two maps in a row. After their defeat the guys came outdoors, had a lunch, laughed about themselves, took Phantom Lancer and won a battle against themselves. That's right, they won against themselves overcoming the Wisp+CK curse which led to numerous losses as early as Techlabs Moscow 2013. The game on the third map turned out good and fun: KotL + PL, Dendi's favorite Lanaya, and right timing for Funn1k's Beastmaster going to solo-mid.


We took PL & KOTL and they took Axe


Then there was the awarding ceremony, Dendi attacking ZeroGravity with Sheeva-style, eSports sermons for ESL organizers and everyone else by Alexander "Jesus" Kohanovsky, hanging out with v1lat, XBOCT, RoX.KiS and the trip back home. That's how I'll remember the victory of Na`Vi.DotA2 at EMS One in Katowice. I hope you enjoyed our coverage. In the nearest future we will release some more interesting videos. You can subscribe to our YouTube-channel to stay tuned. Also, don't forget to follow us on the social networks.




Until next time, guys!

-- Andrew "Xeo" Yatsenko

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