Dota 2 Reborn: Custom Games


Rebirth of our favourite game is close. Valve is into the last preparations and soon we'll be able to see new Dota 2, which could make a stir only with its interface. As promised, the interface is not the only innovation. Apart from it, Source 2 will introduce into the game some other things, everyone was waiting for. New engine will allow every user to create own custom maps, which anyone could join. Thus, Valve is carrying on a tradition they stated with redeveloping iconic games of DotA, Counter-Strike and Team Fortress.



Custom games may contain anything from small 5 vs 5 same-hero arenas to quests with meaningful plots, allowing anybody to be in his hero's skin. Let's now have a look at the Custom Games section in the game. 


This section contains several subsections. Here you can see the most popular custom games.



And this is a subsection Installed games, so you wouldn't need to search for them among all the other games.



There is also o Suggested games section, which will offer you a list of 15 games every 30 minutes based on your past choices of games and consumer reviews.



And in the Vote section, as you may have guessed, you will be able to vote for a game you like after watching a short preview.


Every game has its own info page. This page will help you find the games with the smallest ping and it also contains instructions, special chat window and a couple of videos. Thus, there is everything in place, so that Dota 2 fans could relax and play.



Now let's have a look at the main lobby, where players will gather to play their favourite map. You can create a lobby, making it private and play with friends or public, so that anyone could join you. The developers created a separate browser to search for a lobby with your beloved games.



An example of custom game by Valve is Overthrow, available for anybody to play.



Apart from that, Valve has developed software, allowing anyone to create his or her own custom game!



Please tell us in the comments below, which custom maps you would want to see in the new Dota 2!

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#1 id BKB.spongebob 28 June 2015, 17:37
reborn still much bug :^^ i will be wait for the next update! :*
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